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POS Rides Wave of Store Innovation

As innovative technologies flood into the store to re-engage shoppers, the POS system plays a critical role.

Dan Wagner Gives Key Analytics Takeaways at RCAS

Dan Wagner, Founder & CEO, Civis Analytics, talks with CGT editor-in-chief Peter Breen about how retail is an industry in crisis, but it's ok. Hear his thoughts on analytics in this exclusive interview at the 2018 Retail & Consumer Goods Analytics Summit (RCAS).

Download this Technology Solutions Guide to discover how to best utilize loyalty programs and customer relationship management (CRM) to overcome challenges and gain loyalty from fickle shoppers.

Whole Foods has announced the much awaited benefits to Amazon Prime members shopping in the grocer's stores. However, the rewards rollout will be slower than expected. Here what experts and reports are saying about the technology issues at Whole Foods and learn if the rewards are worth the wait.

Sandeep Dadlani, Chief Digital Officer, Mars, Inc talks about analytics, startups, and organizational challenges with CGT Senior Editor Nicole Gillo at the 2018 Retail & Consumer Goods Analytics Summit (RCAS).

Next Gen Store Ops: Bringing Service Back to the Retail Store

5/18/2018 — Despite reports to the contrary, the store is not dead, it is being reinvented.


Check Out Our Latest Issue

Click here to see the killer content RIS produced for its May issue. Topics covered include: Modell's, POS, loyalty and CRM, next-gen store operations, and digital transformation.

May 2018 Issue

Where is Virtual Reality in Retail Headed?

Eduardo Siman, Director of IT, Intradeco Apparel, talks with CGT editor-in-chief Peter Breen about virtual reality and the emergence of v-commerce at

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Stores Are Proving Grounds for Innovation and Digital Transformation

As the spirit of reinvention sweeps across the retail landscape, stores have emerged as proving grounds for technologies that blend the digital and brick-and-mortar worlds.


Retail Analytics Is All about the Questions, Stupid!

The value of analytics is not about data or technology or technologists or even insights. The value of analytics comes from asking the right questions.


New School Tech, Old School Service

How to successfully blend art and science to personalize the shopping experience both in-store and out while avoiding the dreaded ‘creepy’ factor.


What Does Trump’s Trade War Mean for Retailers?

As president Trump looks to implement aggressive tariffs on imported goods the ramifications will be felt across the U.S. economy and retail could be one of the hardest hit. Is it time for retailers to hit the panic button?


Customers Want a Contextual and Connected Experience, But Are Retailers Able to Deliver It?

There's no perfect way to achieve personalization in omnichannel marketing, but here's a four-step EIQ recommended road map to guide retailers to reach for this vital goal.


AI’s Role In Changing the Outlook of the Retail Industry

In retail, artificial intelligence arms retailers with sharper forecasting tools to make smarter business decisions. Explore six ways in which AI is helping retail.

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