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Home Depot Invests In Its Retail Experience

Home Depot is now seven months into a three-year investment plan and the changes are paying off. Learn how the home improvement retailer is fixing up its own stores and supply chain to bolster the customer experience.

Kroger Tests Self-Driving Vehicles for Grocery Delivery at Fry's Food Stores

Kroger is officially testing new technology in Arizona that may revolutionize grocery shopping. Get a fist look at the Toyota Prius fleet driving the tech.

The Retail Industry’s Ever-Evolving Relationship With AI

Take a closer look at some of the ways retailer's are already utilizing AI. 

REGISTER NOW! Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2018 at 2:00 PM EDT    The importance of retail innovation is demonstrated every day by new programs initiated by such leaders as Walmart, Target, The Home Depot, Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Aldi, Amazon and Kroger. But innovation

On the heels of skyrocketing sales and a 120% service revenues spike, it looks like the Office Depot's efforts to transform its retail model are paying off. Learn what the retailer is doing to become more service oriented and how these moves have revenue soaring.

eBay's latest visual shopping feature drops this month, letting shoppers drag and drop images into the mobile app so consumers can discover items that look like their favorites with the swipe of a finger. Go behind how the next-gen tech works.

Creating engaging experiences has been top of mind for many retailers, but loyalty is tough to measure and profitability is still the appraisal of success.

Dan Wagner Gives Key Analytics Takeaways at RCAS

Dan Wagner, Founder & CEO, Civis Analytics, talks with CGT editor-in-chief Peter Breen about how retail is an industry in crisis, but it's ok. Hear his thoughts on analytics in this exclusive interview at the 2018 Retail & Consumer Goods Analytics Summit (RCAS).

Next Gen Store Ops: Bringing Service Back to the Retail Store

5/18/2018 — Despite reports to the contrary, the store is not dead, it is being reinvented.


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Avoiding the Retail Tech Vendor Apocalypse

Your business is what you do. Your reputation is what people think you do. This is a harsh truth of the marketplace and one that can be painful to retail tech vendors.


Ocado: The Tesla of Grocery

Every so often technology emerges that is so far ahead of everything else it seems like magic. Ocado, builder of the Ocado Smart Platform of automated robotic systems for grocery warehouses, falls into this category..


Amazon’s Prime Day Rolls On Despite Technology Let Down

Anxious Prime Day shoppers encountered website slowdowns and crashes as they flocked to the annual flash sale event. Amazon powered through the tech disaster, emerging with another record-breaking event. But at what cost? Industry experts weigh in.


What Would You Change?

RIS asks some of retail’s most influential the one thing they would change about the retail industry, and a common theme emerged. Check out what these retail leaders think is ripe for change.


Innovation Through Digital-First and Agile Customer Engagement

In retail and consumer industries innovation and collaboration always began outside of the lab, done through feedback from their own customers and employees.


Retail CEOs Are the Driver of Innovation and Disruption

The majority of retail CEOs have a major role in pushing innovation and implementing disruptive technology, EnsembleIQ Research reveals.

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