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The Demise of Sears: Retail Experts Weigh In

Once the largest U.S. retailer, Sears Holdings Corp. has filed for Chapter 11. Hear experts’ take on the downfall of Sears and what this means for the holiday shopping season as 188 stores are set to close by the end of the year.

Uber May Re-Enter Grocery Delivery Despite Failed Walmart Pilot

While its first attempt at grocery delivery might have fizzled, Uber is still committed to developing the service. Hear the latest on the potential disruptive grocery fulfillment model.

Trader Joe’s offers the best retail customer experiences of 2018, as revealed by a study from C Space. The study demonstrates the emotional aspects of customer experience help companies stand out from the competition and create growth. Uncover what else makes the Top 5 U.S.

At the Retail Experience Summit, RIS honored six of the industry’s greatest innovators and visionaries at its annual CIO of the Year Awards. See which retail technology leaders took home the well-deserved hardware.

Explore why, after seven years and an estimated €500 million investment, grocery chain Lidl's new inventory management system is a no go.

These 10 innovative retail leaders are out in front of the pack setting the pace for change in their organizations and the industry. See which transformative retailers made RIS’ annual look at the retail industry’s fastest rising executives.

Mars Chief Digital Officer Talks Analytics at RCAS

Sandeep Dadlani, Chief Digital Officer, Mars, Inc talks about analytics, startups, and organizational challenges with CGT Senior Editor Nicole Gillo at the 2018 Retail & Consumer Goods Analytics Summit (RCAS).

Omnichannel Supply Chain: The Customer-First Imperative

6/27/2018 — RIS explores three of the hottest topics in supply chain today: hyper localization, last-mile innovation and collaboration. Learn how to meet the needs of today's shoppers with a fluid and dynamic, real-time supply chain.


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5 Shopper Study Megatrends

Shoppers tell RIS they want retailers to reinvent boring mobile apps, reinvigorate dying stores, personalize offers, and add technology to the shopping journey to make it convenient and compelling.


POS: A Massive Tech Problem Looking for a Solution

Retailers have long known POS systems have become a tech problem looking for a solution – massive, expensive and difficult to upgrade.


RIS' Keeps Its Eye on the Horizon

This month’s issue is packed with forward-facing content, designed to give our readers a glimpse of what the retail landscape of tomorrow will look like.


Amazon’s Prime Day Rolls On Despite Technology Let Down

Anxious Prime Day shoppers encountered website slowdowns and crashes as they flocked to the annual flash sale event. Amazon powered through the tech disaster, emerging with another record-breaking event. But at what cost? Industry experts weigh in.


SAP Edges Towards An Intelligent Enterprise

Innovation must receive immediate and due attention within consumer industries for achieving growth.


Innovation Through Digital-First and Agile Customer Engagement

In retail and consumer industries innovation and collaboration always began outside of the lab, done through feedback from their own customers and employees.

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