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Digital Freight Matching and the New Era of Freight Logistics

Digital freight matching (DFM) lets shippers directly and almost immediately find drivers with capacity to transport their truckload, partial truckload and less-than-truckload freight on the right types of trucks on the dates and routes they need.

Unleashing the Power of Blockchain in the Supply Chain

The potential applications of blockchain are endless, and for retailers blockchain will be revolutionary. Will your organization be a leader or a laggard?

Starbuck’s CEO Unveils Five Keys to Short- and Long-Term Growth

CEO Kevin Johnson discusses how brick-and-mortar retailers can survive and thrive in today’s unstable environment and unveils his five priorities to sustainable growth.


Walmart is testing six next-gen approaches in two new stores to enhance the customer experience through technology. Industry experts tell RIS News what this move means for Walmart and the future of retail.

Coming off its best quarter in a decade, there is plenty of news at The Children’s Place. From a new app, to upgraded digital capabilities, to building an agile digital marketing organization, you'll want to hear what this tech-savvy retailer is up to.

RIS Deep Dive: Unified Commerce

Read the latest developments and deployments in the still-emerging world of Unified Commerce. 


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Instacart Data Science VP Talks On-Demand Grocery

2017 Retail And Consumer Goods Analytics Summit speaker Jeremy Stanley, VP Data Science, Instacart, talks about on demand groceries, creating tailored

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2017 Retail Executive Summit

Wed, Jun 14 - Fri, Jun 16
Wednesday, June 14 - Friday, June 16
| Four Seasons Resort | Scottsdale, AZ
When market forces cause disruption, retailers search for innovative opportunities to gain competitive advantage.

2017 RetailTechCon

Wed, Sep 06 - Fri, Sep 08
Wednesday, September 06 - Friday, September 08
| Ritz Carlton Orlando | Orlando, FL
RetailTechCon brings together senior-level executives who want to learn about what’s new, what’s effective and what works to build their businesses.

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Analyzing the Jurassic Moment in Retail

Retail has entered a reset moment, a time of big winners and bigger losers.


10 Things You Need to Know about AI Right Now

Artificial intelligence is at the peak of the hype cycle so you know what comes next, right? Some sort of trough or plateau maybe? Not this time. The reality is the famous hype cycle with its curvilinear shapes and text overlays is dead, killed by Moore’s law and the accelerating pace of change.


The Analytics of Everything

Retail success hinges on the ability for organizations to infuse analytic insight into the decision making process. At RCAS 2017 headline speakers from Kimberly-Clark, Walmart and NBCUniversal drilled this home with real-world examples and advice for all. See what they had to say.


Oracle’s Versionless Future

Key takeaways for Oracle Industry Connect 2017, including the software giant's plan for continued cloud innovation and the end of yearly version updates. Read on to hear Oracle’s plan for the future.

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