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Audiovisual Experiences Will Lead Retailers Into the Future

Brick-and-mortar stores need to become a place that offers immersive experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. Retailers can do that with the AV technology. Take a look at how Nike and Best Buy use this tech today and how you can add it into your retail store.

7 Tools to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Are you a digital product marketer? Then it is time to take a look at the seven tools that will take your digital marketing and product management efforts to the next level.

2018 Best Retail Brands

Interbrand has released its “2018 Best Global Brands” report and retail is a dominant sector of the list. Here RIS breaks out the 2018 best retail brands. See which retailers join Apple, which was named the most valuable brand.

What actions can grocery retailers take now to enhance the loyalty of customers? To find the answer we recently issued a report, which includes a survey of 3,000 consumers and 200 food retailers in North America. The key findings reveal three distinct trends that retailers need to prepare for.

Macy’s is rolling out its VR furniture experience nationwide and adding an augmented reality option to its App. Get the details on the retail tech that has increased Macy’s sales by more than 60%.

With the right blend of usability and security in mind, retailers can embrace and prioritize mobile technology throughout their business and ensure data security by adopting digital workplace and employee communication tools that foster digital fluency.

Mars Chief Digital Officer Talks Analytics at RCAS

Sandeep Dadlani, Chief Digital Officer, Mars, Inc talks about analytics, startups, and organizational challenges with CGT Senior Editor Nicole Gillo at the 2018 Retail & Consumer Goods Analytics Summit (RCAS).

Omnichannel Supply Chain: The Customer-First Imperative

6/27/2018 — RIS explores three of the hottest topics in supply chain today: hyper localization, last-mile innovation and collaboration. Learn how to meet the needs of today's shoppers with a fluid and dynamic, real-time supply chain.


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5 Shopper Study Megatrends

Shoppers tell RIS they want retailers to reinvent boring mobile apps, reinvigorate dying stores, personalize offers, and add technology to the shopping journey to make it convenient and compelling.


POS: A Massive Tech Problem Looking for a Solution

Retailers have long known POS systems have become a tech problem looking for a solution – massive, expensive and difficult to upgrade.


Boldly Redefining the Retail Experience

The key takeaways and insights from this year’s Retail Experience Summit. Relive the excitement or catch up what you might have missed from THE retail technology event of the season.


RIS' Keeps Its Eye on the Horizon

This month’s issue is packed with forward-facing content, designed to give our readers a glimpse of what the retail landscape of tomorrow will look like.


The Impact of Poor Forecasting Techniques on the Retail Supply Chain

Supply chain professionals navigate many hurdles and hazards, including demand forecasting-related challenges such as real-time inventory visibility, unforeseen market risks, and a lack of accuracy.


SAP Edges Towards An Intelligent Enterprise

Innovation must receive immediate and due attention within consumer industries for achieving growth.

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