RIS Special Reports feature in-depth reporting and analysis on a range
of topics that are impacting retail. 

Special Reports

  • Top Grocery Trends in 2020: Efficient, Focused & Tech-Driven

    Uncover the top grocery technology trends for 2020 and beyond in this interactive report and learn how key group of segment leaders are scoring big wins in the battle for customer loyalty.
    Top Grocery Trends in 2020
  • Best of NRF 2020: Top 10 Takeaways

    As the name implies, the NRF Big Show is mammoth. Three short days is never enough to see everything--but never fear. RIS’ annual look at the key sessions, events and trends from this year’s show will catch you up on what you might have missed.
  • The Art & Science of Experiential Retailing

    Retail success in the modern era requires a deep connection between the shopper and the retailer — a connection that is built and maintained thanks to memorable experiences. This special report explores the retailers that are leading in experiential retailing and gives practical tips on how to best blend old-school retailing techniques with new-school data based approaches.
  • Winning the Grocery Wars

    In this unique Special Report, RIS uncovers why a small group of retailers are scoring big gains in the battle for consumers and how they are reshaping the competitive landscape. Join us as we examine consumer behaviors in grocery retail and the significant steps retailers are taking and the technologies they are implementing to respond to them.
  • 8 Evolving Shopper Trends You Need to Know Now

    Efficiency and personalization reign supreme as the digital transformation rolls on. Dive into the eight trends and technologies reshaping shopper habits every day and learn how you can stay ahead of the curve and capture fickle consumers.
  • The AI-Driven Supply Chain

    In order to meet constantly shifting consumer demand and ensure product is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there savvy retailers are turning to AI to power their next-gen supply chains. See what the industry leaders are doing how you can do the same.
    a desk with a computer on a table
  • Unlocking Value Across the Supply Chain Through AI

    The recent RIS report “The AI-Driven Supply Chain” examines how retail leaders are using AI to power next-generation supply networks from sourcing to last-mile delivery. RIS sat down with Sanjeev Khanna of TCS to take a deep dive into methods retailers can use to unlock value in their supply chains.
  • RIS’ NRF Big Show Preview

    RIS' annual curated look at the critical events and sessions from retail's biggest event of the year. Check out this must-read resource before you hit the show floor.
  • Engaging Mobile Tech for Shoppers and Associates

    Retailers need an enterprise-wide, unified mobile strategy to be successful. This special report paints a picture of the mobile tech that’s captivating both shoppers and associates, as well as where the future of mobility is headed, leaving you with inspiration and tactics to perfect your own mobile retail strategy.
    Engaging Mobile Tech for Shoppers and Associates
  • RIS News’ Big Show Wrap Up Report 2019

    The NRF Big Show is massive, and no matter how hard you try you just can’t see it all. Check out RIS’ annual wrap up report and catch up on what you might have missed.
  • Digital Transformation Wake Up Call

    In this Targeted Research report strategies are uncovered where retailers are putting boots on the ground and budget dollars to work in the service of digital transformation.

RIS Special Reports feature in-depth reporting and analysis on a range
of topics that are impacting retail.