10 Things Retailers Need to Know about Security in the Post-PCI World

Security breaches have rocked retailers ever since TJX was victimized by the world's largest theft of customer data in 2007. Hardly a week has gone by without reports of new breaches as hackers and security thieves ramp up their determined efforts.

Now that PCI standards have proven to be a little more than a baseline level of security, here are 10 things you need to know in the post-PCI world.  

- What You Need to Know about PCI Compliance
Here is a comprehensive look at what you need to know about PCI compliance and Web application security policy, what PCI compliance means, the rules for PCI compliance and what it means for your business.

- A Chronology of Data Breaches
Here is a complete list of security breaches dating back to January 2005 including details on data theft shaking the retail industry as well as the financial and healthcare industries.

Top 10 Security Land Mines
Here are the 10 most common threats to security that experts say you need to know about.

- PCI Standards Again Questioned in Wake of New Breach
PCI is imperfect, but it is a baseline from which to start.

Outsourcing: Data Security's New Untamed Frontier  
Data security policies and solutions must travel with data. Retailers must factor in the potential cost of a breach into deliberations.

- FTC Treats TJX Unfairly...Compare Hannaford
The Federal Trade Commission should rethink the law of credit card data security applicable to merchants like TJX.

- Fraud, Phishing and Financial Misdeeds
Technology grows more rapidly than the laws designed to protect retailers from it.

- An (Imaginary?) Hannaford Conspiracy
First major lawsuit based on Hannaford breach arrived within forty-eight hours of the company's disclosure announcement.

- Is Your Credit Card Information at Risk with Small Business and Retailers?  
According to industry experts, smaller retailers are not taking the required steps to ensure that the credit and debit card purchases made by their patrons are secure.

How Did Hackers Plant Malware at Hannaford Bros. and Steal 4.2 Million Payment Card Numbers?
Hannaford Brothers reports that hackers using malware breached their systems. However, how was the malware even on their system?

For additional information, here are four top stories from the RIS News archives about PCI Compliance.

New Security Breach Highlights Need for Innovative Strategies in Post-PCI Era

PCI Is a Bust, Retailers Need a New Roadmap to Security

PCI May Never Stop Hackers: Time to Rethink Security

The PCI Gravy Train

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