AI Changes the Game for Luxury Denim Brand EVISU

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AI Changes the Game for Luxury Denim Brand EVISU

Global apparel brand EVISU is one of the world's first retailers to introduce artificial intelligence technology to its advertising and marketing efforts. The luxury denim brand announced its work with "Albert," the new AI-driven marketing technology by Adgorithms. Albert is now executing fully self-driven digital advertising and marketing efforts for the brand in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Singapore.

Having run its own cross-channel digital marketing campaign in the United States in late 2015, EVISU found that the cost of its U.S. efforts was exceeding the sales it generated. The retailer turned to Albert to determine whether the autonomous platform could execute and scale these efforts, starting with previously under-performing search and social channels. In just one month, Albert had met all of EVISU'S campaign goals, significantly increasing inbound purchases, decreasing their eCPA, and generating new customer bases across the United States.

"Running campaigns across channels is not an easy feat for an ecommerce brand looking to find a very specific and defined customer," said Brennan See, online marketing executive at EVISU. "Albert learns, optimizes and delivers results as it goes, delivering performance in both SEM and social that we had yet to see working with prior technology solutions."

Working with campaign creative and KPIs provided by EVISU, Albert autonomously learns as "he" goes, in order to identify new and existing audiences, determine who's most and least likely to convert, apply insights gained from one channel to others, and engage in more than 20 other digital marketing activities necessary to meet the given KPIs, such as:
  • Albert discovers EVISU's high-value audiences and then targets similar users. When Albert discovered that a high volume of conversions were coming from returning users, he automatically created a campaign dedicated to driving the customers back to the site. This increased direct conversions by 25 percent, in addition to significantly boosting delayed conversions (or those which occurred shortly after initial interaction with one of EVISU's ads).
  • Albert creates micro campaigns for top-performing cities globally. Upon identifying the top-performing U.S. cities — such as New York, Los Angeles, Irvine and Pittsburgh — Albert instantaneously began creating micro campaigns to increase his focus on and refine his approach to these specific geographies, while subsequently filtering out poor-performing regions.
  • Albert identifies audience behaviors that result in conversion. For instance, Albert discovered that users who engaged with "jackets" produced a 54 percent higher ROI than users who engaged with "jeans."
  • Albert reveals never-before-known high-value audiences. On Facebook, for example, Albert determined that users with the occupation "engineer" engaged 300 percent more with Evisu's ads than other Facebook users.
  • Albert knows what time EVISU customers are most likely to make a purchase. When Albert discovered that the average purchase value increased by 125 percent between 19:00-20:00, he automatically increased keyword bids during this prolific time period beyond what he bid at other times throughout the day.
  • Albert targets users in different languages. Knowing that in the last 30 days, 70 percent of conversions and revenue originated from users with Chinese as their browser language, Albert was able to add relevant terms to EVISU's search campaign.
  • Albert predicts optimal pricing and reallocates budget to the best-performing channels. Albert predicts keyword pricing and makes ad-buying decisions based on parameters such as past performance of certain keywords, how much competitors' are investing in them, who they're likely to reach, and the probability they'll convert. He also applies findings across channel and devices.
Since the launch of its initial campaign with EVISU, Albert's work has resulted in a 500 percent increase in ROI across search, social, and display channels.