AI in Marketing
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AI in Marketing and Fashion’s Front-Row Seat to Data-Driven Innovation

peter akbar
Peter Akbar is Global Vice President and Chief Customer Officer Fashion

Fashion is a forward-thinking industry by nature and it's unsurprising, therefore, that execs in this space also find themselves at the vanguard of revolutions in the tech space.

Peter Akbar, global VP and chief customer officer, fashion at SAP,  delves into the exciting intersection between AI, marketing, and fashion in this chat with CGT and RIS News editor Maia Jenkins to explore how this future-facing industry is leveraging generative AI and other technologies to optimize pricing and returns, tailor the customer experience, and boost supply chain resilience.

Taking cues from the Beyond the Hype: AI in Marketing infographic, Akbar outlines how fashion retailers and CPGs are strategically positioning themselves at the forefront of these innovations. 

About the Speaker

Peter Akbar has spent over twenty years at SAP successfully engaging customers, partners, and stakeholders at all levels to create proven scalable innovations for the fashion industry, including creating the world’s first vertical fashion ERP for wholesale, retail and manufacturing - SAP Fashion Management, which is now S/4HANA fashion and vertical business.

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