Aldo's New Connected Store Leverages Mobile App

Footwear and accessories retailer Aldo has opened a digitally savvy Connected Store at Westfield World Trade Center, NY, NY. The omnichannel store environment will leverage Aldo's mobile app to unlock the overall shopping experience and allow customers to connect with the brand either in the physical location or online.     

Planting roots in lower Manhattan's new shopping destination, Aldo carefully observed its customers' shopping patterns to deliver a fully reimagined in-store experience. The store's 1,211 sq. ft. layout is merchandised to tell a story, with the integration of digital technology that invites the customer to explore and engage with the brand and the collection.

As Aldo's most advanced retail location to date, the store offers a seamless path to purchase with the fusion of brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce, as well as mobile capabilities through the brand's mobile app. Customers are afforded the benefit of seeing and feeling the product, with self-serve tablets and a virtual "Endless Shelf" on hand to complement the relationship between the customer and the Aldo associate.

"Our aim is to speak to the Aldo customer in a way that is personal and relevant to them. This starts by being able to connect wherever they are, on whichever device they may be using," said Erwin Hinteregger, CMO for Aldo Group. "Being truly omnichannel opens new avenues of growth for the brand and it has proven to drive higher customer engagement and conversion. This is the beginning of a new personalized experience, one where we continually delight, inspire and even surprise our customer on their shopping journey."

When entering Westfield World Trade Center, shoppers will be met with a push notification to enable the Aldo app, which can be accessed on customers' iPhones or via iPads stationed throughout the store. The mobile app instantly links customers to the Connected Store and grants access to high resolution product imagery, descriptions, and social media sharing features. The app also allows customers to check Connected Store inventory, utilize a try-on request feature, and scan product for information. A "wish list" feature enables customers to easily locate their selected styles and be directed to similar options available in the store.

"Driving customers from clicks to bricks and vice versa has become the new normal for us," said GrÉgoire Baret, senior director of Omnichannel Experience. "The in-store digital experience has been conceived as a complementary tool to facilitate product discovery and contextualize full fashion looks, ultimately offering a more meaningful service. Technology should never compete or replace the human aspect, we in turn let it empower our sales associates and help them strengthen their relationships with the customer – it has to become part of their sales ritual to be successful."

In tandem with the Aldo app, the Connected Store features an "Endless Shelf"—a curated digital portal where customers can browse and access the entire collection by size, color, or key silhouettes, along with self-service tools which allow for try-on requests. The virtual shelf also features lifestyle content with fully styled imagery to help shoppers visualize ways to style the collection into their own wardrobe.
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