Alvanon's Fashion Fit Movement Aims at Tech Design Skills

Alvanon Inc. has launched a fashion industry support program called the Fashion Fit Movement designed to help restore and revitalize technical fashion skills and fashion manufacturing in New York City, Europe and Hong Kong.  As part of its global fashion fit initiative, Alvanon will donate its world class technical fit tools and consultancy services to selected apparel design and manufacturing businesses that are rebuilding their local production capabilities, and to industry associations that support local production efforts.

Alvanon's first donation was made to the influential Council of Fashion Designers of America's Fashion Manufacturing Initiative (FMI), an investment fund that offers matching financial grants to select New York City fashion manufacturing businesses.  The donation consisted of Alvanon's AlvaForm technical fit mannequins and AlvaBlock pattern templates, which FMI has awarded to New York City-based pattern service Werkstatt.

According to Alvanon spokespersons, the donation to CFDA's FMI program is the first in what will be an ongoing series of technology and performance tool gifts to fashion manufacturers in New York City, with subsequent donations destined for apparel manufacturers in London and Hong Kong.

"This is our way of giving back to an industry that's been so good to us," says Janice Wang, Alvanon's CEO.  "Fashion manufacturing in New York City and other fashion hubs has changed tremendously in recent decades.  It's been a time when major centers such as New York have lost huge pools of technical talent. Our intent with the CFDA FMI donation and future gifts made through FMI is to reinvigorate New York City with fundamental manufacturing tools, reestablish the lost art of pattern making in the city and encourage professionals at all levels to stake their businesses here. We want the art of the technical to thrive in New York City."

Alvanon's Fashion Fit Movement will support fashion manufacturers at virtually every stage of garment production.  The equipment supplied to Werkstatt, for example, will enable the high-end fashion pattern maker to produce better fitting patterns.

"In our grant application to the Fashion Manufacturing Initiative we noted our need for additional forms in a range of sizes," says Werkstatt founder and owner Tina Schenk.  "The business is in a high growth stage with both new clients and employees coming on board. The CFDA's grant of Alvanon equipment is a perfect match for our current and future needs. The AlvaForms and AlvaBlocks will help us work more efficiently and produce very accurate fit for different sizes as the business expands."

Schenk, who founded Werkstatt in 2008, says setting her pattern making business in New York City  was an easy decision. "New York is one of the most important cities in the world for fashion," she says. "In addition, there is a lack of businesses specifically catering to higher end fashion designers.  For these reasons, basing my business here was an obvious choice."

In describing the CFDA's partnering with Alvanon, CEO Steven Kolb noted,  "We are a member organization comprised of American fashion designers. We promote initiatives that are important to them, and manufacturing is at the forefront. Alvanon's support of the FMI program is essential, as this is an industry initiative that includes designers, production facilities and vendors of the equipment they utilize."

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