Amazon Opens First Full-Scale Go Grocery Store

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
Lisa Johnston CGT

Amazon opened its first large-scale Go cashier-less grocery store in Seattle on Tuesday.

To shop there, consumers must download the Amazon Go app there, and then use their phone to open the gate’s scanner via a QR code. Items can be placed in bags or carts, and customers’ Amazon accounts are charged when they exit the building.

The store uses such technologies as computer vision, sensor fusion, deep learning and self-driving cars, according to Amazon’s website. While the store will have staff, they will be tasked with making product recommendations and answering questions, not checking out customers.

The Verge reported that the store is modeled after a standard Amazon Go location, and it sources some foods from Whole Foods suppliers. It also offers Whole Foods 365 brand and more mainstream products like Kellogg’s cereal.

Cameron Janes, vice president of Amazon’s physical retail division, told CNBC on Monday that the company is “just getting started” in grocery, though he declined to say how many stores it may open.

To be sure, more retailers are expected to join the cashier-less checkout movement. Guy Yehiav, GM, VP, Zebra Analytics, predicted that the industry will also see more retailers implement a combination of ceiling cameras, AI, sensors and machine learning to convert their brick-and-mortar stores into Go-like experiences.

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