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All the news and content you need about retail analytics, including information on retail tech such as business intelligence, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and more. 


New Capabilities from Kroger’s 84.51° Fueled by Data from Half of U.S. Households

The solution leverages a massive data set, drawing conclusions that are representative of national consumer behavior.

Hollister’s Intimates Brand Triples Store Count

Gilly Hicks by Hollister is tripling its standalone presence with a series of popup shops and a new data-fueled approach. See where the intimates brand is setting up and how it will separate itself from the crowd.

Learn why retailers should be well aware of it.

The auto parts retailer and distributor has implemented a next-gen solution to enhance its inventory position and forecast accuracy. Learn more about the cutting-edge deployment and how it is improving distribution center operations.

For brick and mortar to thrive, stores need to offer a personalized customer experience that fosters loyalty between the shopper and the retailer. But how do you solve this seemingly simple, but extremely complex challenge.

Walmart has been implementing computer vision technology in new ways, including one use at the checkout for the last two years. Find out how the retailer is benefiting from this cutting-edge technology.

The future of artificial intelligence is bright with promise and fuzzy with hype. Cutting through the buzz, one thing is certain – AI will drive a stake through the heart of time-consuming, linear merchandising processes and managing by averages.

In order to meet constantly shifting consumer demand and ensure product is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there savvy retailers are turning to AI to power their next-gen supply chains. See what the industry leaders are doing how you can do the same.

The suite of customer management solutions provides the retailer with real-time feedback into the customer experience and insight into how to increase shopper engagement.

Rite Aid’s digital business spiked 115% amid sluggish sales.

It's critical that midsize retailers understand what AI is, what it means for their organization, and the key role analytics maturity plays in the success of AI initiatives. 

The new solution set improves forecasting, planning, and replenishment and ushers in a new-era of inventory accuracy for the massive international retailer. Learn all about the merchandising suite’s next-gen capabilities.

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