Anti-counterfeiting Solution Leverages QR Code Technology

Six Degrees Counterfeit Prevention, LLC (6DCP) announces the expansion of its anti-counterfeit encryption technology to the fashion industry. Embedded into quick response (QR) code that is currently being used on product labels everywhere, the impenetrable encryption provides the ultimate in brand protection. It stops counterfeiting, ensures product authenticity, has outstanding marketing potential and is bound to revolutionize the fashion industry.
According to the World Customs Organization, the counterfeiting industry is estimated to reach $1.5 trillion by 2015. 6DCP's new technology aims to eradicate the global counterfeit trade with its unparalleled non-mathematical encryption technology. Unlike serial numbers and other methods which can be forged or faked, this stronger-than-military-grade technology is impervious to mathematical pattern analysis (hacking) and provides absolute protection from counterfeiting.
"We're thrilled to bring this new technology to the fashion industry,” said 6DCP CEO Eddie Cohen. “Not only will it provide absolute brand protection, it will revolutionize the way consumers shop and establish brand loyalty like nothing ever has before.”
Anyone with a camera-equipped mobile device can participate in the verification process, a term 6DCP calls “a million eyes inspector.” This means that consumers, law enforcement, corporate investigators and more can immediately identify a genuine product from a fake anywhere. Real-time analytics provide clients with accurate measuring tools to gauge illegal activity, keep track of products as they are scanned, and market directly to the consumer. In essence, each item has a digital “fingerprint” that can be monitored from anywhere.
6CDP's technology also has tremendous capabilities to engage consumers and assist manufacturers beyond product authentication. From their mobile devices, consumers can scan the QR code to link to social networks, go to the company website, see videos, etc. Brands can offer marketing incentives, as well as track and trace each item throughout the supply chain.
“The possibilities are endless from a marketing perspective. This technology opens the door to a whole new level of marketing creativity, giving brands the ability to engage consumers in entirely new and interactive ways. If a brand wanted to put a digital golden ticket in the QR code and give away a tour to the Chocolate Factory, they could do that,” said Cohen.