Arctic Cool Conversion Rate Jumps 8 Percent Following Website Refresh

With more than 400 million impressions to date, 250,000 shares, and web traffic of more than 2 million users to its client's websites, EXPAND Digital Agency – is revolutionizing the way that small businesses use their social and web resources.

Through digital advertising and relevant content & outreach strategies, EXPAND has built its clients' customers base, driven targeted customers to websites, and increased sales conversions.

Recently, the company launched a website refresh for Arctic Cool, which resulted in an 8 percent conversion within the first hour of launching, with features and upgrades such as:
  • Cart optimization for faster checkout and ease of payment processing
  • Updated mobile experience keeping all navigation (and buying process) on one screen limiting thumb movement
  • Easier user experience on both mobile and desktop interfaces
  • Increasing average sale by predicting consumer behavior and preferences while also incorporating suggested items for best consumer experience
  • Improved aesthetics & mobile imagery
  • Website organization: the use of different types of categories for activewear & functional categorization
Due to the innovative cart features for faster check out using behavioral targeting and intuitive forecasting, the shopping cart is now driving 13 percent return.

"EXPAND has been a critical part of Arctic Cool's successful launch. Their team of dedicated professionals has worked both hard and smart to get our product in front of potential consumers. They developed then executed a strategic balance between revenue conversion and long-term brand building. They are responsive, dedicated, focused, and results-oriented. They're the best partners we have and all you will need," says Darren Talbert, vice president, Arctic Cool.

The genius behind the newly optimized website comes from the three points of distinction that define the digital agency's manifesto: targeted advertising, creation & utilization of significant content for story telling, and conversation management & outreach.

With these three elements combined and caring attention to digital customer service (including expedient response time and a personal touch), EXPAND's marketing strategy has driven customers to client websites and optimized the point of sale.

"We are a data-driven company. We use data to inform our strategies and drive our content and creative efforts," says EXPAND president and founder Jimmy Clarke.

"We fuel brand's ongoing success by integrating our three-step process through data-driven strategies to target and connect with customers," adds partner Amanda Stein.

EXPAND believes strategic branding and content coupled with a strong understanding of consumer behavior, demographics, and interests will continue to drive engagement and create great success for its clients. Using conversions, advertising and re-marketing as additional resources to directly target consumers, the company's marketing strategy has shown its accuracy and conversion with the recent refresh of the Arctic Cool website.

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