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Jamie Grill-Goodman

Managing Editor

Jamie Grill-Goodman is the managing editor of RIS News. Jamie has worked for both consumer and B2B publications during her media career, covering retail, consumer goods, private label, real estate, and more. Her multichannel content creation skills weave a keen observation of retail trends into a smooth communication of complex information to a general audience. 

Articles by this author

July 2019

Announced store closures have already exceeded the total for 2018 and already in July there have been announcements from Fred’s, Charming Charlie, and Dressbarn and more. Review the latest in retail store closings for 2019.

Learn why retailers should be well aware of it.

When employee documentation is still located in clunky paper file folders the processes for digitizing and securely storing those documents seems overwhelming. Here are three steps to get started.

Amazon Prime Day has come to an end.

Tech friendly Domino’s Pizza said it’s ready to roll out GPS tracking for delivery orders to U.S. stores by the end of 2019. Get the details on how the pizza retailer is investing in technology to transform its delivery capabilities.

Starbucks has been working to fine tune the booming success of its Mobile Order & Pay since it rolled out. Now the retailer has a new store format that integrates mobile pickup and delivery tech into its store environment. Take a look.

It's critical that midsize retailers understand what AI is, what it means for their organization, and the key role analytics maturity plays in the success of AI initiatives. 

A typical large grocery retail location might have anywhere from 60,000 to 300,000 SKUs, and only 36 endcaps. Knowing how to pair and price items to impact sales and margins often changes week to week – even day to day.

Although online sales will have a huge impact on the retail market, the customer’s experience in store is equally as important, as many customers will research online as the first step and then visit the store to complete their consumer journey.

The underlying IT infrastructure supporting business-critical apps plays arguably the most important role in the entire customer experience.

How are e-commerce websites using "dark pattern" techniques to influence people into making more purchases or disclosing more information than they would otherwise?

When it comes to grocery and e-commerce, the scene is changing and it’s changing fast: 70% of grocery e-commerce shoppers have shopped online for less than two years.

The athletic wear retailer invested over $1 billion last year and saw digital revenue grow 35% as its mobile app usage soars. Now its launching new foot scanning tech and scaling its mobile prowess and RFID capabilities.

Boots confirms closures of 200 stores, just under 10% of the Boots UK standalone outlets, as Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Transformational Cost Management Program rolls on. Get the details.

June 2019

For brick and mortar to thrive, stores need to offer a personalized customer experience that fosters loyalty between the shopper and the retailer. But how do you solve this seemingly simple, but extremely complex challenge.

Rite Aid’s digital business spiked 115% amid sluggish sales.

Amazon has revealed its Amazon Prime Day dates and Target and eBay have already announced competing promotions.

Employees of online retailer Wayfair staged a walkout on Wednesday in protest of the company selling furniture to migrant detention facilities.

As the retail industry continues to reinvent itself, the value of a strong and innovative leader is more important than ever.

As The Kroger Co.’s e-commerce sales spike, the grocery retailer is expanding its digital prowess and testing new ultra-fast delivery. Learn how Kroger is keeping up with its digital demand.

To satisfy the continued expansion of e-commerce and the expectations that come with it, every point in a company’s supply chain must adapt to accommodate the faster pace that e-commerce imposes.

Walmart has been implementing computer vision technology in new ways, including one use at the checkout for the last two years. Find out how the retailer is benefiting from this cutting-edge technology.

The “2019 Top Women in Grocery” list once again rounds up a community of extraordinary women, this year 393 to be exact.

Savvy retailers investing in transforming ordinary trips to the store into awe-inspiring, memorable experiences. With that in mind, here are practical ways in which retailers can use artificial intelligence to improve in-store experiences.

“We want shoppers to spend more time shopping and discovering new products than standing in line at checkout,” Rucha Nanavati, GVP of Information Technology for Albertsons Cos. tells RIS.

Target suffered a pair of checkout outages on Father’s Day weekend, leading to long lines or empty-handed shoppers.

Hudson’s Bay Co. continues to invest dollars in digital, has an offer to go private, and is still in the process of shedding pieces of its operation, but will the efforts be enough to course-correct the struggling retailer?

Lululemon hits its stride as digital sales spike 35% and it doubles its e-commerce business over the last two years.

Target has expanded its same-day shipping services available through Shipt and launched a dedicated web destination for the service.

A strong 2018 has led to more opportunities for retailers to evolve in 2019. Here are four common focus areas for retailers from a meeting with the Retail Advisory Council.

Walmart will merge the rest of its Jet teams and, with the change, Simon Belsham will step down as president of Jet. Get the details and learn why it's making this move.

Steve Morse joined Citi Retail Services in 2014 and will be the new general manager for the Macy’s credit card portfolio. Get the details.

On the heels of record e-commerce sales Big Lots has launched a buy-online-pickup-in-store pilot and says it expects a full rollout to its stores by the end of summer. Get the details.

In the past, retail warehouses made decisions based on historical data. But to meet today’s customers’ demands for on-demand delivery, the industry, and its technology, must shift.

Examine five areas where AI can make a significant impact for brick and mortar retailers.

Apparel retailer Guess? plans to spend up to $65 million this year on investments to its technology infrastructure, store openings and remodels.

Every day, retailers suffer from the effects of fraudulent returns, intentional returning or ‘wardrobing’ -- shoppers purchasing a garment to wear once with labels intact, and then sending it back to get a full refund.

Walmart is conquering last mile delivery by going the last few steps. Starting this Fall it will offer grocery delivery directly into refrigerators to more than a million customers in these three cities. Would you let Walmart into your home?

Amazon's 2-foot-tall orange robot, dubbed Pegasus, is already helping workers move packages at a sortation center in Denver.

Ikea has been transitioning its print catalogues to be “shoppable” on Pinterest and it said since August, 25,000 Pinterest boards have been created using the tool it created.

Will GameStop’s “reboot” and leadership changes be enough to turn its business around after sales slid 13%? Hear what the video game retailer has to say about its transformation plans and how it aims to right the ship.

Costco’s plans to double the number of locations with self-checkout may help it alleviate long lines in busy clubs while moderating its front-end labor expenses. Find out more about the warehouse retailer’s next move.

With shopper behaviors changing at the speed of always-on social media, retailers cannot afford to miss important shopper signals and fall even more out of touch with their customers’ realities.

Williams-Sonoma’s ongoing tech improvements are bolstering the customer experience and growing engagement, which should continue to be a boon for the retailer as its digital transformation plays out.

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