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Jamie Grill-Goodman is the editor in chief of RIS News and has been with the retail technology brand and award-winning website since 2015. A thought leader in the retail and consumer goods space, with two decades of experience in multichannel content creation, Jamie’s writing weaves a keen observation of retail trends into a smooth communication of complex information for general audiences. Jamie has worked for both consumer and B2B publications during her media career, covering the retail, consumer goods, private label, technology, and real estate industries. Before RIS, she worked for such publications as, PL Buyer, Private Label, and Unique Homes.

Jamie holds a BA in Communication with a Specialization in Journalism and Creative Writing from Rowan University, studied abroad in Limerick, Ireland, and resides in Bloomfield, NJ, with her husband and two children where she can often be found volunteering at the elementary school and in community projects.



IKEA Stores to Rollout Omnichannel Fulfillment Solution

After a company acquisition, in the long-term, new tech will power IKEA's worldwide fulfillment centers and store operations to deliver faster, more accurate order fulfillment and improved supply chain visibility. 

First Look: Petco’s New NYC Flagship

New York City’s latest flagship includes a stylish salon, state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen, and the feel of an open-air farmer's market. Get a look inside.

Retail Store Openings and New Concept Trends

A slew of retail store expansion plans have been announced this spring, as well as some new concepts from retailers. Get the latest news from retailers.

Coors Field in Denver Launches Amazon One’s Palm-Scanning Age Verification for Alcohol Purchases

Customers will be able to buy adult beverages by simply hovering their palm over an Amazon One device, without digging for their ID. Get the details.

Walmart’s Alphabot System Rolls out to Second Location

Walmart believes connecting its store and supply chain assets end to end will transform fulfillment. Meet the digitization that’s going to do it.

What Retail Leaders Need To Know About the Congressional Hearing on Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, whose company created ChatGPT, was one of three experts who testified at a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing exploring the oversight of artificial intelligence. Here are the top takeaways for retailers.

Dollar General Expands Supply Chain Network

The retailer announced the opening of new facilities and planned expansions in the future.

Amazon Anywhere Lets Consumers Buy Real Merchandise in Video Games

Next time you see someone sporting a Peridot-themed shirt, you can likely thank Amazon for this IRL experience.

First Look: Wilson Sporting Goods Santa Monica

Look inside the 4,500-square-foot space and the immersive experiences that celebrate the retailer’s rich history.

Amazon Opens New State-of-the-Art Fulfillment Center in Connecticut

Learn more about the 3.8 million square-foot robotic fulfillment center in Windsor where more than 2,000 local Amazon employees will operate and work with the newest robotics technology.