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Jamie Grill-Goodman

Managing Editor

Jamie Grill-Goodman is the managing editor of RIS News. Jamie has worked for both consumer and B2B publications during her media career, covering retail, consumer goods, private label, real estate, and more. Her multichannel content creation skills weave a keen observation of retail trends into a smooth communication of complex information to a general audience. 

Articles by this author

September 2018

To capitalize on the booming cross-border e-commerce market, retailers must overcome challenges inherent in content translation to grow their business and expand revenue.

From virtual reality (VR) headsets to a new suite of mobile apps, Walmart is upping its modernizing workforce management and training for employees. Learn the details of the latest retail tech Walmart is rolling out in stores across the country.

Kate Spade New York has upped its technology game to enhance the in-store shopping experience. Learn more about the interactive augmented reality experience the retailer offers shoppers that has over 800 interactions a day in just one store.

There are opportunities for all retailers to automate elements of their pricing and promotions. Explore the four areas where this retail technology has the biggest impact.

Today’s grocery store leaders are working hard to meet modern shoppers’ needs and evolve into a retail experience that works for consumers both today and into the future.

Half the items sold on Amazon are from small and medium-sized businesses. Now the e-commerce giant has opened "Amazon Storefronts" to showcase a variety of product categories from businesses in every corner of the US.

Kroger’s stocks plummeted, yet the grocer reported a 50% digital sales spike in the quarter. What's the deal? Find out how Kroger's digital strategy is evolving and what it means for the grocer.

Customer loyalty is a fleeting and difficult task for retailers trying to keep up with the constantly evolving customer mindset. Examine tactics to keep shoppers coming back for more.

The relaunch includes three-hour, same-day scheduled grocery delivery in New York and a new website experience as the Walmart-owned e-commerce retailer doubles down on city dwellers and seeks to “rehumanize e-commerce.”

The mega retailer has turned to crowd-sourced delivery for its latest pilot. Find out how the fulfillment method works and where Walmart is testing it.

Just in time for the holidays, the pop-up and digital boutique offers a unique customer experience that includes items being delivered to homes rather than lugged around the Mall of America.

Out with the old and in with the bold.

Is it heretical in retail to say that all customers are NOT king?

Ulta’s comparable growth is slowing, but it is still growing. Find out what the beauty retailer has been up to and how its omnichannel moves are still driving it to spiking sales.

Amazon has quadrupled its delivery vans order. Find out why.

Go big or go home. Starbucks has entered Italy…see the customer experience at the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan.

Attacks on POS systems continue to occur at staggering rates and retailers remain exposed as vulnerabilities afford weak links for attackers to exploit.

August 2018

Kroger's newest collaboration fuels Restock Kroger, providing the Kroger Technology team another creative space to develop solutions to redefine grocery's customer experience. In addition, it will help Kroger tap the next generation of tech talent.

The most successful retailers are embracing cutting-edge technology to transform the in-store experience and leveraging the capabilities of social commerce platforms. These four innovative trends are making a big impact.

Bragging about getting the biggest discount has gained popularity in the U.S., but how do pricing promotions really impact consumer behavior?

Target's retail tech strategies appear to be paying off as it reports record comp sales and traffic. Learn where Target is headed and its three new fulfillment options that are resonating with shoppers and helping to drive its success.

Retail locations rely on corporate to support their network, and provide technologies and data protections. However, there are many obstacles that retailers face when it comes to best practices for network efficiencies and protections.

The eighth annual RIS News’ CIO of the Year Awards is fast approaching.

Kohl's announced tech job cuts, but is also investing in tech throughout the retail enterprise. Find out what it's testing and if its personalization and inventory management initiatives are paying off.

L’Occitane's new experiential concept store is pushing the boundaries of the customer experience, and using retail technology to do it. Get a peek inside the beauty retailer's new Fifth Avenue, New York City location.

It looks like the tech giant may be gearing up for its first retail store. Find out where Google will break into brick and mortar.

In this new digital economy, how do brands connect with customers when demand can arise in an instant?

Zippin has launched a checkout-free software platform and opened a concept store in San Francisco to showcase the Amazon Go style tech in a real-life retail environment.

For small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), a cloud-based point of sale system can ensure the best possible customer experience while staying relevant with the rapidly changing pace of technology. Here are seven reasons why.

Kroger is officially testing new technology in Arizona that may revolutionize grocery shopping. Get a fist look at the Toyota Prius fleet driving the tech.

Home Depot is now seven months into a three-year investment plan and the changes are paying off. Learn how the home improvement retailer is fixing up its own stores and supply chain to bolster the customer experience.

eBay's latest visual shopping feature drops this month, letting shoppers drag and drop images into the mobile app so consumers can discover items that look like their favorites with the swipe of a finger. Go behind how the next-gen tech works.

Joann (formerly Jo-Ann Fabrics) is turning to its shoppers to craft the modern customer experience.

The Vitamin Shoppe's digital sales soared 40% in Q2 and it plans to invest $30 million in digital. Can online improvements, grassroots marketing, vendor collaboration and the massive investment keep the momentum going?

Take a closer look at some of the ways retailer's are already utilizing AI. 

Today, conversational commerce is so easy that customers don't even have to press a button. Is this a good thing for shoppers and retailers? What are the downsides? Is voice-command commerce over hyped?

Smartphone usage is so high because of years of exposure, education, and support. It’s going to take a similar amount of effort for more consumers to become aware of in-store mobile shopping. How can retailers raise more awareness?

On the heels of skyrocketing sales and a 120% service revenues spike, it looks like the Office Depot's efforts to transform its retail model are paying off.

Checkmate Walmart. Amazon just introduced grocery pickup in 30 minutes.

This year's Retail Experience Summit (RES) will be an entirely different type of event with an emphasis on BOLD innovation and influential peer-exchange.

Creating engaging experiences has been top of mind for many retailers, but loyalty is tough to measure and profitability is still the appraisal of success.

Walmart is piloting an automated robotics system to help it fulfill shoppers' online grocery orders. See how this tech works to bring the Walmart warehouse into the future.

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