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Jamie Grill-Goodman

Managing Editor

Jamie Grill-Goodman is the managing editor of RIS News. Jamie has worked for both consumer and B2B publications during her media career, covering retail, consumer goods, private label, real estate, and more. Her multichannel content creation skills weave a keen observation of retail trends into a smooth communication of complex information to a general audience. 

Articles by this author

November 2019

Target reported a remarkable third quarter of 2019 and has plenty of reasons to be confident this holiday season, from its stores driving growth, to its accelerating digital channels. Here we examine ten ways Target is leading the retail rebound.

The holiday season provides a regular routine for retailers to evaluate what strategic adjustments they’ll make. So, how should a grocery retailer balance the dynamics of holiday product assortment with the need to drive and sustain growth across categories?

Macy’s has been hit by another data breach, sending stocks for a dive as holiday shopping ramps up. Hear from the experts on what Macy’s did wrong.

The Home Depot cut its 2019 sales forecast again saying it needs more time for its investments to pay off. Hear how its digital business is faring and how legacy systems are impacting its IT work.

The majority of loyalty programs are simply not keeping pace with the needs and expectations of today’s shopper. Built on an understanding of your customers, a winning loyalty strategy puts the customer first to drive business growth. Here are ten steps to build a successful loyalty strategy.

Having proper data on individual consumers and streamlining digital operations is a start to mastering the personalization challenge. Hear how Kroger and Ahold Delhaize Co. are utilizing these tactics to their advantage.

A little over a year after CEO Jill Soltau took the reins of JCPenney, the retailer is still struggling to implement a turnaround. Hear the retailer’s plans for visual merchandising and e-commerce improvements as 2020 looms ahead.

When retail businesses fail to pay invoices on time, it’s not necessarily caused by a cash-flow problem. Typically, it’s because they struggle with data from hundreds of suppliers. Retailers of all sizes can master invoice management with these few strategies.

Store pickup is the heart of Loblaws’ PC Express success, and now the Canadian grocer is testing new innovations around the service, pushing the boundaries of its efficiency and convenience. Find out how Loblaws is seeking to redefine grocery.

Whether through retail technology or old school techniques, “communication” methods are top of mind for retailers today as they double-down on personalization efforts. Learn how CVS and Walgreens are using both of these to change shoppers’ journeys.

There is a strengthening yearly pattern that is often overlooked when planning holiday strategies – the post-holiday consumer phenomena identified as the “Retail Vortex.” With plans for peak Christmas shopping already rolling out, how can retailers navigate the potential profit depression of the Retail Vortex?

Canadian Tire’s Triangle Rewards program now boasts close to 70% penetration of Canadian households. Learn how it is using all that customer data to ultra-personalize its offers and skyrocket its marketing ROI.

The rumors started earlier this year: Amazon plans to open "dozens of grocery stores” in several major U.S. cities before the year's end. Now Amazon has confirmed its plans. Find out what the massive retailer is planning and what experts predict for grocery in 2020.

We all know that the holiday season is critical for many retailers’ success as it can make or break the entire year. Arm yourself with these data-backed predictions revealing six of the most impactful performance trends.

Grocery chain H-E-B has opened the doors to its first Beauty by H E B store-within-a-store, featuring digital screens, tester stations, and a voice activated screen where customers can take pics for social media. Get a first look at the new layout.

For store designers looking to capture your customers’ attention, awaken their senses and immerse them in a wonderful shopping experience that builds affection and loyalty, we’ve compiled this list featuring 17 of our favorite visual merchandising tips.

Treating consumers well when they need help is a key factor to retailers’ overall success. While seemingly simple, top-notch customer service remains an elusive goal for some. See who joins Neiman Marcus, Publix and Trader Joe’s in the ranks for best customer service as RIS examines the “10 Best Retailer's for Customer Service in America 2020.”

Costco throws their hat into a crowded healthcare race. Get the details of the retailer’s free, one-hour delivery tests and hear Forrester senior analyst Arielle Trzcinski's take on the move.

Understanding the customer doesn’t need to be a guessing game. Through modern data science practices and technology retailers can find out exactly what consumers are saying about their products and implement changes and updates in real-time.

CVS plans more store closings and has gained supporting metrics to its “rapid rollout” of 1,500 HealthHubs concept stores. Uncover the drugstore chain’s latest retail footprint plans and updates to its digital transformation.

In this market, retailers need to be able to make faster, more intelligent, data-backed decisions. Find out how to make sure shoppers are finding the products they want, and avoid losing them to competitors.

Sally Beauty is expanding their ColorView AI Technology to the Sally Beauty mobile app and to kiosks in 500 Sally Beauty stores across the country. Hear from the CIO how the app accomplishes augmented reality to allow consumers to virtually try on hair color and makeup.

CVS and UPS’ two flights were the first commercial drone deliveries of a medical prescription in the United States under an FAA-approved program. See how it happened and uncover their future plans.

JCPenny has opened a living retail lab as a direct result of customer insights. Take a look inside the brand-defining store at the center of new CEO Jill Soltau’s plan to rebuild the chain.

Nike is expanding its store concept that blends data science and personalized service, opening two new stores built from what it has learned from 80-plus tests delivered through the pilot. Peek inside these cutting-edge Nike shops.

The Dress Barn has started closing sales, but its e-commerce site will make a comeback in 2020 with a new look. Find out more.

October 2019

Starbucks is “dialing up” its artificial intelligence investments and using IoT data from Espresso machines to help the business. Get the details.

Out with the old, in with the new. Managing and maintaining quality data is one of the never-ending battles of retail, and few times are as critical for winning that battle as when you implement a new ERP system.

Imagine a world where humans and robots work harmoniously together, with the human operators commanding the robots. Learn how the synergy of human intelligence and the robots’ strength will make our lives easier, warehouses safer, and businesses more productive.

RIS brings you on an exclusive photo tour of American Dream and reveals the megamall’s tech dreams for its future retail tenants and shoppers.

Which twenty-five retailers are knocking it out of the park when it comes to their work environment and who beat out Vans, Costco Wholesale, Nike, and Wegmans in the “Top-Rated Workplaces: Best Retailers" list? Find out now.

Explore strategies to optimize a retail website’s performance while managing the associated costs.

LVMH, owner of Louis Vuitton, has offered up a deal to buy iconic jeweler Tiffany & Co. Get the details of this possible combination of top luxury retailers.

Big box stores Walmart, Costco, and Target, may seem like unlikely destinations for shopping the latest apparel trends, yet America is turning to these retail giants for their daily apparel needs. Uncover the in-store experiences of 1,500 shoppers at 90 top apparel retailers.

Dive deeper into what benefits artificial intelligence and its core element, machine learning, can bring to the retail table; as well as what bottlenecks are likely to emerge, and how to deal with them. 

While reports of retail stores shutting their doors continue to rock headlines, of the 31 retailers in the S&P 500, 26 are expected to post revenue growth this year. See which retailers are growing along with Costco, Walmart, and Ulta Beauty.

Jeff Bezos is no longer the richest man in the world after shares dipped on news of Amazon’s profit slide. Meanwhile the retailer expanded its Amazon Hub Counter service into three new brick and mortar retailers.

Deloitte’s 34th holiday retail survey is out. Get a glimpse of what the 2019 holiday shopping season will look like and find out what’s on shoppers’ wish list this year.

Nike, SAP, and ServiceNow CEOs Play musical chairs, on the heels of news of the CEO of Under Amour stepping down. Stay abreast of the latest moves for these retail power players.

Canadian grocer Sobeys is rolling out Smart Shopping Carts powered by deep learning and computer vision. Find out how the carts will transform its in-store shopping experience.

Nordstrom’s massive seven-story NYC flagship store opens, brimming with tech features and retail services. Take a look inside the largest single-project investment in Nordstrom's 118-year history.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, confidently shopping online is possible for consumers. Find out how to adapt the online experience to include sensory experiences that consumers crave.

Sally Beauty Holdings is investing in new talent and capabilities in digital commerce, brand marketing and global sourcing. Find out about the new positions being created and its plans to remodel 100 stores.

Hudson's Bay Corporation, parent company of Saks Fifth Avenue, has agreed to be taken private. Get the details of the retailer's ongoing evolution.

Walmart is piloting blockchain technology for traceability of shrimp sourced in India and traveling to Sam’s Club locations. Get the details of Walmart’s latest blockchain move and review its progression utilizing blockchain over the last few years.

Amazon and Walmart are reportedly considering purchasing FreshDirect, as J.P. Morgan quietly seeks potential buyers. Get the details.

Walmart’s new delivery service, in which associates deposit online grocery orders directly into refrigerators, is now available to over one million customers. Find out how much the time-saving, next-gen service costs consumers.

Retail sales declined for first time since February, raising fears that a slowdown in the manufacturing sector could be starting to spread to the broader economy. Is it time to worry?

MLB will open baseball's first official league store next summer. Find out where it plans to unveil its first physical store and what will set it apart.

Kohl’s is giving its stores a refresh ahead of the holidays, adding a way for shoppers to discover new brands. Find out how.

Digital technology inside stores benefits both customers and retailers if it is done right. These four challenges must be addressed to successfully embed an operational foundation for delivering personalized in-store experiences.

Bill McDermott has stepped down after a decade building up SAP. Find out which two executives will fill his shoes and set the course for the enterprise application software company.

Amid a charged crowd in Dallas, Kevin Sterneckert, CMO, Symphony RetailAI, opened the Xcelerate, Breathing AIR into Retail event. Uncover how two days packed with exciting presentations really drove home the idea that knowing your customers is the key to never losing them.

Take a look inside REI's new retail experience that combines merchandise, guided outdoor experiences and equipment for rent all in one store.

Digital is down slightly, store sales dropped, and the company is gearing up to name a new CEO. Get the latest on BB&B’s store closing plans and efforts to steer the business into the beyond.  

Online shopping has changed retail forever. Most of us wouldn’t know what to do without it. But the e-commerce revolution seems to have missed an industry – grocery. Why aren’t we making our most important shopping trip easier?

As retail becomes more ‘artificially’ intelligent, there is growing evidence that the human experience of shopping is critical to brand definition, conversion, and sales growth.

Amazon is reportedly preparing to open a chain of grocery stores beginning in Los Angeles. Get the details.

We’ve seen many new fraud and authentication techniques and point solution providers enter the market over the past several years, but have we really made any improvement against fraud, particularly in the payments space?

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