RFID Special Report, Part II: 20/20 In 2020 — Inventory Accuracy Takes Center Stage

In this section of the report, we focus on technology advances and things to consider when making investment decisions.

Flash Sales Troubles AI Can Fix

AI can help predict sales dynamics and craft optimal prices for every repricing cycle — quickly.

This is How to Produce Sustainable Jeans

Traditional denim production has a major negative impact on the environment and the people who make it. Here's how to improve the process.

Closing the Gap Between Humans and Technology in Customer Care

Brands need to execute a flawlessly human experience, or risk losing customers and profits in the process.

From Your Head to Your Toes: Made in the USA Matters

Between the two of them, Wigwam and Bollman have been manufacturing socks and hats in the United States for 265 years, collectively.

Small T-Shirt Company Reaps Big Rewards with RFID Item-Level Tagging

Southern Fried Cotton (SFC) proved that SKU-level RFID product identification delivers the same game-changing benefits for a small enterprise as it does for companies operating on a larger scale.

Three Ways to Maximize Your Retail Website Translation Efforts

Here's how to balance cost with content for a successful project.

RFID Special Report: 20/20 In 2020 — Inventory Accuracy Takes Center Stage

This annual RFID Special Report is Apparel's annual review of relevant marketplace developments. Part 1 of the report will focus on commercial topics. Part 2, which will be published next week, will focus on technology advances and considerations to guide future investment decisions.

A Farewell from the Editor

It's been a wonderful 24 years with Apparel.

Costco Responds to Tariffs, Also Sells Diamond Ring for $220,000

Costco is working to mitigate the effects of tariffs on the cost of goods by, among other things, negotiating lower prices and seeking other sources of production, but options are limited.