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Tim Denman is the editor in chief of RIS News. Tim has covered a variety of industries during his media career including car care, pharmaceutical and retail. He focuses his retail coverage on new and emerging technology whose implementation helps retailers provide a differentiated experience in a hyper-competitive landscape.



Building Shopper Loyalty in the Customer-Centric Age

Discover how your retail peers are building meaningful shopper loyalty and the technology they depend on to turn casual shoppers into long-term fans of the brand.

The Evolving State of Workforce Management

Uncover how your retail peers are leveraging modern workforce solutions to lessen the impact of rising wages and the ongoing labor shortage. See where they are investing today to ensure happy employees tomorrow.

Building Customer Lifetime Value

With competition for the hearts, minds, and wallets of today’s fickle shoppers at an all-time high, retailers must make the most of their current customers, while continuing to attract new shoppers to the brand. Find out how your peers are doing just that.

Returns Management: Maximize Operations to Improve the Experience

Quick, seamless, and economical returns management is vital to success in an increasing digital marketplace. Benchmark your efforts against your peers and discover how leading retailers are investing in the returns process to improve the customer experience and shopper journey.

The Future State of BOPIS and Curbside Pickup

Discover how your peers are leveraging the flexible fulfillment options to position themselves for future success and benchmark your current in-store capabilities and investment roadmap against the industry’s best.

Grocers Must Develop a Data-Driven Product Strategy

With changes in the way the public eats coupled with the need for sustainable food options grocers must reexamine their product strategies with a renewed focus on data.
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How Grocers Can Right Their Inventory Woes

Forward-thinking grocers are focusing technology investments on inventory management solutions embedded with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities designed to drive demand management decisions.
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Leveling the Playing Field with Optimized Pricing Solutions

Pricing products correctly is a market differentiator that helps attract and retain fickle consumers in an increasingly competitive marketplace. See where you pricing capabilities stack up against the industry.

As the World Reopens, Virtual Conferences Remain as Vital as Ever

Unlike the traditional in-person approach, virtual events offer attendees the ability to tailor the experience to their individual schedules and needs.

AI-Powered Fulfillment and Distribution

Retailers and CGs are deploying AI/ML solutions to aid in supply chain efforts at increasing rates. Explore this Targeted Research report to discover where the competition is placing big tech bets and to benchmark your supply chain of the future roadmap.