AWS Partners With Howard University for Cloud Upskilling


AWS is partnering with Howard University as part of an upskilling and career development program that provides students with access to curriculum aligned to today’s in-demand cloud careers.

Developed in coordination with AWS, the curriculum is designed to prepare students for the workforce and includes hands-on experiences intended to meet the needs of employers seeking skilled cloud talent. 

Howard University will integrate cloud computing concepts from AWS into new and existing higher education curriculum, giving students access to foundational cloud computing courses, and such topics as machine learning and computer vision.

With AWS support, Howard University is also creating a new master’s degree program focused on data science and will integrate cloud concepts into other areas of study, including business, computer science and engineering.

Students will also have access to a cloud-focused job board with openings and internships at Amazon, its customers and partners, and Amazon leaders will engage directly with students to share information about company culture, leadership principles, interview tips and career paths.

This is also published on CGT. 

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