Bloomingdale’s Celebrates 150 Years With New Virtual Store

Liz Dominguez
Managing Editor
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Bloomingdale's storefront

Bloomingdale’s is jumping into experiential store models with a new virtual store in celebration of its 150-year anniversary. 

The company announced the launch during New York Fashion Week, and the virtual store will feature exclusive collections from brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, David Yurman, MCM, Byredo, Baccarat, and more. 

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The virtual store includes a video highlighting the evolution of the Bloomingdale's brand and also features games, special surprises, and a Bloomingdale's unique collection, designed exclusively for its anniversary celebrations.

Visitors to the virtual store can click and drag to look around, click on the floor to move, and select the plus (+) button to obtain more product information. Additionally, users can participate in a scavenger hunt to unlock additional virtual experiences. 

Get a Look at the New Store Experience

The brand partnered with virtual reality tech developer Emperia to design an experience that adds an innovative twist to shopping. Emperia says it created a SaaS platform that “enables creative control for retailers and brands to update merchandise and change store decor so that maintaining a virtual space becomes seamless and completely aligned with retailers' physical store operations.”

“We are honored that Bloomingdale's chose to partner with Emperia during a time where the company is marking its 150 year celebration, highlighting its historic achievements and contributions to the fashion world through their unique retail approach,” said Olga Dogadkina, co-founder and CEO of Emperia. “highlighting their continued mark on the fashion industry, they keep pushing the limits of innovation, serving as an example of how to use cutting-edge technology that creates a highly- engaging, memorable online shopping experience.”

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