This Brand Will Replace Your Purchase If Your Weight Fluctuates

Universal Standard, the direct-to-consumer clothing brand for women size 10-28, launched of Universal Fit Liberty (UFL), a program that has never before been offered in the apparel industry, and will revolutionize the shopping experience by removing the anxiety felt by millions of women around size. The premise is simple: if the clothes you bought from Universal Standard's core collection no longer fit due to size fluctuation within a year of purchase, the brand will replace them in your new size for free.

Women of all sizes find their weight fluctuates, and often experience the emotional rollercoaster that comes with those fluctuations. They also worry about the financial burden of replacing clothes as their size goes up or down. With the introduction of UFL, Universal Standard is making those worries a thing of the past. Simply return your original US pieces and receive their exact replacement in your new size for free.

All returned clothing will be laundered and donated across a number of charities supporting women in need, including Dress for Success, American Red Cross and others.

Universal Standard created this concept because women deserve to live their lives without feeling bullied by their size, or shackling their self-esteem to a future self that may or may not come into being.

"Our goal with UFL is to lead this sector with big, bold innovations based on insight and a deep understanding of our customers' needs. As a brand, we intend to create real, lasting, and much-needed change in the fashion business - particularly the 10+ segment, which still sits on the wrong side of an arbitrary size line, and segregates 100mn American women from their peers," says co-founder and creative director Alexandra Waldman.
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