Canada Goose Takes Steps to Fight Counterfeiting

For over 50 years Canada Goose has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extreme weather outerwear. Proudly made in Canada, the brand has built its reputation for delivering authentic, high-quality, functional and iconic style to experienced outdoor enthusiasts and novices alike.

Canada Goose has gained tremendous popularity and equally tremendous demand as it has been recognized and lauded by consumers for its exceptional standards. Simultaneously, however, the company has been plagued by the growing number of counterfeit products available.  In this instance imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. In answer to this global problem, Canada Goose has led the charge in diligently fighting against bootleg product.
“Fighting the counterfeit battle is tough under normal circumstances,” says Kevin Spreekmeester, vice president of global marketing for Canada Goose. “As our brand grows in popularity, the job only becomes more burdensome.”

However, the brand recently won a significant victory against China, one of the epicentres of global counterfeiting. The Chinese court apprehended a team of counterfeiters producing fake Canada Goose coats (2,000 pieces were confiscated) and issued judgements against them. Legal reports from China show that the principal criminal was sentenced to a 10-month prison term and just under $5,000 in fines, while the two accomplices were sentenced to six-month prison terms and approximately $1,500 in fines each.
“This is the outcome we’d like to see happen more often,” says Spreekmeester. “Consumers don’t realize that counterfeit Canada Goose coats can cause both a safety and health risk.” To prove the point, the company purchased four counterfeit jackets and had each analyzed in a lab. The results were alarming.

Spreekmeester says, “Our premium, sanitized down was not found in any of the fake coats. In fact there was virtually no down in any of them. They were filled with mulched chicken feathers, beaks and chicken feet. Bacteria and feces was also found.” 

Beyond the multitude of possible diseases, there are other practical dangers. Spreekmeester says, “These fake coats won’t protect anyone in subzero weather – which is one of the main reasons for purchasing authentic and reputable Canada Goose outerwear.”
To protect their loyal consumers and the brand’s reputation, Canada Goose is fighting back. Canada Goose has implemented major tactics, including new technology and strategic partnerships with other top companies and associations. Some of the tactics include:
  • In November 2010, Canada Goose hired OpSec Security, Inc. – the global leader in providing anti-counterfeiting technologies – to tenaciously monitor online sites known for selling fakes. Canada Goose’s new online protection program pursuing rogue websites protects consumers and safeguards brand integrity. A growing list of fraudulent sites selling fake product is available via the official Canada Goose website
  • Canada Goose is also exploring new technology to help business owners and consumers detect fake Canada Goose products. The brand unveils a newly developed hologram – which was created in conjunction with OpSec – that will be sewn into every Canada Goose jacket and accessory as proof of authenticity. 
  • Spreekmeester serves as the co-chair for the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) task force on counterfeiting as well as the Canadian Intellectual Property Council (CIPC). One major focus for these committees includes leading in the refinement of IP legislation within the U.S. and Canada.
  • Canada Goose has joined forces with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) as well as international authorities to do their part in stemming the tide of counterfeiting.  
Canada Goose is committed to implementing these various measures to fight the ongoing counterfeit battle. Additionally, as the world of counterfeiting changes, the brand dedicates itself to exploring other options to protect the brand’s reputation among its loyal consumers.  

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