Consumer Goods and Retail Leaders Will Bring Data to Life at Analytics Unite 2023

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About Analytics Unite 2023

Cheers to 10 Years! 

Help us celebrate a decade of invaluable networking and premier education focused on the data and analytics innovation occurring across the CPG and retail spaces. 

When: May 3-5

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Major players like Mondelēz International, Procter & Gamble, and Lowe's are bringing data to life in transformative ways. Learn more about what's happening across the retail and consumer goods industries and some of the tech we look forward to analyzing and discussing.

Over the last several years, CPG and retail companies have heavily invested in revolutionary and disruptive tech strategies as they look to acquire a bigger piece of the pie, meet and exceed rapidly changing consumer expectations, and compete against even the most nimble, digitally-savvy enterprises.

In response to the consistent innovation, during Analytics Unite 2023, CGT and RIS will be showcasing how these executives are bringing data to life across their respective industries, giving attendees actionable insights on how they can leverage data within their own businesses to innovate with speed, optimize budgets and infrastructures, introduce streamlined services, and deliver unparalleled experiences. 

Here's what you can expect at Analytics Unite:

  • Breaking down decision-making silos: A “decision-back” approach lets companies respond to ever-changing consumer preferences, including where and how they shop
  • Cracking the code on media and marketing analytics: Case studies that showcase how retailers or CGs scale success
  • Powering up forecasting with smart automations: Forecasting is powering the modern workplace to better meet the needs of existing and new employees to increase productivity and retention, while reducing costs
  • Advancing digitally-focused sustainability initiatives: Operationalizing your sustainability roadmap using analytics 
  • Building data-enabled enterprises: Learn from the disruptors and innovators outside the retail and CG industries
  • Tackling algorithmic bias within AI- and ML-powered solutions: Uncover the tools being used to assess risks and build checkpoints
  • Building in automation and predictive results with chatbots: Unlock the customer experience opportunities that are now table stakes
  • And much more!

We’ll soon be announcing an exciting lineup of top tier CPG and retail executives representing key players across the industry. In the meantime, we look back at last year’s lineup, and the massive digital and data transformations these brands have accomplished in recent months.

Mondelēz International

Last June, Maria Macuare, VP IBS global data and analytics at Mondelēz International, challenged the audience to examine the role that the ego plays in leadership — in order to unify the role of analytics teams to drive greater value for the industry.

Since then, Mondelēz has tapped automation and artificial intelligence to provide an intuitive, on-demand personalized user experience, accelerating issue resolution for 110,000-plus employees across 79 countries. 

Procter & Gamble

During AU last year, David Dittman, VP of data analytics and chief analytics officer at Procter & Gamble, spoke about the company’s data usage across membership and loyalty.

The company continues to focus on the applications of data, tackling the subject at the end of 2022 as it relates to digital transformation across the supply chain. The company's Supply Chain 3.0 strategy includes heavily investing in its supply chain’s digital capability over the past several years, leveraging automation to maintain stability during a bumpy environment, and building algorithms based on point-of-sales data and images of shelf orchestration in stores to improve on-shelf availability.


Seemantini Godbole, EVP, chief information officer at Lowe's, spoke about building a connected workforce during last year’s event.

The theme continued on throughout the year and into 2023 as the company invested heavily in connecting its systems via a digital twins strategy. Lowe’s has begun to utilize the digital capability to fuse spatial data with Lowe’s other data (like product location and historical orders) to form a complete digital picture. Using this tech, Lowe’s has been working with avatars to understand how consumers travel throughout the store (and at what time of day). 

This article first appeared on the site of sister publication CGT.

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