The Container Store Introduces Voice-Controlled Wearables

The Container Store is deploying voice-controlled wearables to streamline operations, heighten customer service and improve efficiency for its 3,000 store associates. Following a successful pilot program, Theatro's wearable solution will be live in 70 of the retailer's 80 stores by July 2016, and the remainder will be online by year's end.
“At The Container Store, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to not only enhance our customers’ experience, but also help our employees work even more efficiently,” said John Thrailkill, EVP of IT & business development for The Container Store. “Theatro’ s service is an intuitive, hands-free solution that lets us deliver immediate and superior service while seamlessly accessing critical information to help us better serve the customer. 
Prior to implementing the wearable as a service, store employees relied on basic walkie-talkies and overhead speakers to exchange limited information. By connecting store employees and managers to product and order information, The Container Store has created an environment for immediate problem solving and an uninterrupted focus on customers not possible with older technology.
The solution adds key applications like SKU look-up, allowing store employees to check inventory without abandoning the customer or having to visit a stationary computer or device in the store. Additionally, the retailer is leveraging Theatro’s analytics application, providing insight into their employees’ day-to-day activities, how they work as a team and how on-floor performance varies from store to store. As a result, The Container Store expects to reduce costs for in-store operations, boost employee efficiency, and eliminate losing eye contact with the customer during the buying experience. 
"The wearable gives all employees immediate access to store resources such as inventory availability and status of pickup orders via a simple conversational voice user interface, providing us less wait time for customers and better staff productivity all around," Thrailkill said. "Employees can use the wearables apps to have one-to-one conversations, share expertise and product information, support one another, and guide new teammates all while remaining heads-up and hands-free."
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