Crate & Barrel to Double Size of Technology Team and Build New Tech Stack

crate and barrel

Crate & Barrel has unveiled a new, multi-year investment plan aimed at developing tech talent and optimizing the customer experience. 

The specialty home furnishings retailer has named the initiative “Bring it Home” and says the strategy will lean heavily on AI and automation to develop a comprehensive infrastructure around three pillars: talent, technology, and platforms. 

Drawing on everything from inventory management to driving sustainability efforts, the company says the Bring It Home strategy will use real-time data to predict demand, automate and drive decisions, optimize delivery services, and improve the customer experience both online and in-store.  

The retailer intends for the plan to improve its supply chain using a proprietary process that it hopes will improve customer experience and minimize its carbon footprint. 

“We have learned so much over the past three years as we have navigated through both a global pandemic and a supply chain crisis,” said Janet Hayes, CEO of Crate & Barrel Holdings. “By leading with a modern mindset, we experienced unprecedented growth during these times of tremendous pressure and these investments will help us maintain that momentum.”

A glance at the strategy: 

  • Talent:

Double the size of the technology team over the next three years by hiring product managers, engineers, architects, data scientists, and technology leaders and integrate the BI and CRM with this new technology team to align the technology solutions with real-time outcomes, analytics, and reporting.

  • Technology:

The retailer plans to build a technology stack from the ground up and improve universal apps and platforms with AI technology for a more personalized and seamless customer experience.

  • Platforms:

Leveraging AI technology and automation to improve facility efficiencies and optimize inventory for rapid customer deliveries and a reduced carbon footprint. Increasing automation across channels to easily identify and personalized offer services for customers based on their preferences.

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