Demandware Launches SiteGenesis Apparel Storefront

Demandware introduces the Demandware SiteGenesis apparel storefront, purpose-built and optimized for developing apparel and department store e-commerce sites. Built on the Demandware E-Commerce Platform, the SiteGenesis storefront combines best practices in site design, usability, site merchandising, information architecture and technical architecture to provide a blueprint for building next generation e-commerce sites. Built on a modular and extendible technology architecture, the SiteGenesis storefront also includes a library of e-commerce components for speeding the development of highly customized sites.

The SiteGenesis storefront is designed to be a point of origination for the development of fully-customized sites based on proven best practices. E-commerce sites built from the SiteGenesis storefront can be customized by retailers' in-house teams without Demandware involvement, using the complete functionality of the Demandware E-commerce Platform and the User Experience Studio, Demandware's native Integrated Development Environment.

Highlights of the Demandware SiteGenesis apparel storefront include:

Apparel-Optimized E-Commerce Features - more than 250 apparel-specific features such as quick view product details, AJAX-based search refinements, Shop by Outfit, rules-driven merchandising slots, and product picker

Selection of Design Templates - professionally designed templates that can be used as is or fully customized to retailers' unique branding requirements

Annotated Wireframes - more than 150 pages of documentation that describstorefront behavior and functionality to help retailers leverage the SiteGenesis storefront and associated best practices 

Optimized Merchandising Model - a fully built apparel merchandising site framework, including a synonym dictionary, multiple price lists, preconfigured promotions, dynamic customer targeting and more

Multi-Site Architecture - a framework for launching multiple sites efficiently, including support for multiple languages and currencies

Plug-and-Play Integrations - pre-built integrations for essential third party technologies, such as email, analytics, payment, campaign management, and an extensible integration framework for proprietary enterprise applications

Component-Based Development Environment - a development environment that includes best-practices code and functionality that can be used, extended and shared to develop highly customized Web sites

PCI Security - adherence to the latest PCI DSS level 1.1 compliance standards, freeing up time and money that would be allocated toward Website security
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