This Denim Start Up Is Cut for Athletic Bodies

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This Denim Start Up Is Cut for Athletic Bodies

Keirin Cut Jeans launches six new washes. A Kickstarter graduate, Keirin Cut Jeans is following the crowdsourced model to bring luxury athletic fit denim to its customers. The launch is targeted for Feb 2017 on its website. "We are inverting the traditional push model of the fashion industry, where the company designs, produces and pushes products on to customers. Instead, we produce only items that our customers are interested in. This avoids waste, allows us to offer more style variations, helps keep our products exclusive, and lets us offer a lower price point. This is the future of athletic causal wear," says Adil Abubakar, production manager for Keirin Cut Jeans.

Keirin Cut Jeans' new washes for men and women range offer a choice of washes with new details. "Our new collection is very interesting with possibilities for athletic styling. We want our customers to select the washes they want instead of pushing our wash and curated fabric choices onto to them. Up until recently, there have only been a few companies that have even made products that fit athletes. Now, we want to diversify our styles so athletes can have a wide variety of products," says Beth Hernandez, an avid cyclist and partner at Keirin Cut Jeans.

Keirin Cut Jeans' extensive market research in sampling athletes from body building, cycling, cross fit to runners and bob sledders and every athlete in between, clearly reflects in their wash and fabric choices. "In terms of product sizing and styles, the athletes want both long and short inseams, new washes, and a comfortable fabric which fits their chiseled bodies and explosive quads," says Hernandez.

Mainstream jeans companies have not been able to satisfy the needs of the athletic community. Keirin Cut Jeans will offer inseams from 30-36 in various combinations for men's and women. "Our competitive landscape is very limited in its inseam offering, but our unique business model allows us to offer more inseams, to accommodate our shorter and taller athletes," says Adil.

A new addition to the KCJ portfolio is introduction of simple accessories. Customers can pre-order sleek and streamlined leather wallets that complement the jeans and athletic lifestyle, in addition to their new jeans from Feb 1. 2017 through Feb. 28 2017, with free shipping within the United States.

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