Domino's Employs Artificial Intelligence to Answer Phones

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

Domino's Pizza continues its investment in developing platforms using artificial intelligence (AI). The restaurant retailer has launched a voice recognition app to take telephone orders coming into its stores and is testing the digital technology in 20 stores.

Domino's first introduced a voice recognition app that conducted a retail transaction when it launched its virtual ordering assistant, DOM, in 2014. Today, Domino's conducts more than 65% of its sales in the U.S. via numerous digital platforms.

"DOM was a key milestone not only for us, but for voice recognition technology in general," said J. Patrick Doyle, CEO and president of Domino's. "DOM was also the public face of our initial investment in artificial intelligence. Voice is a more natural way for people to interact with technology and that's why we have been investing in AI for more than half a decade.

"We believe natural voice recognition is the future, as seen by the rise in virtual assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Home. More importantly, artificial intelligence provides great learning platforms that will enable us to do more to deliver convenience for our customers and better job experiences for our team members," Doyle added. "With DOM on the phones, our AnyWare ordering technology and plans we have for future in-store technology, our goal is to one day be 100% digital."

DOM is currently being tested on the phones in 20 stores across the U.S. and Domino's plans to expand the platform to more stores in the coming months.

"While many of our orders come via digital platforms, there are still millions of customers who like to call in their orders directly to their local stores," said Dennis Maloney, Domino's chief digital officer. "DOM can now take those orders, freeing up our store team members to focus on preparing orders and serving customers already in the lobby."

Domino's first tested DOM for phoned-in carryout orders in a few of its company-owned stores. Initial response from customers and team members was positive.

"Store team members like DOM," said Nicole Prokopczyk, Domino's manager of corporate operations in Virginia. "They are focusing on providing better service to in-store customers while our pizza makers are concentrating on what they do best – making great-tasting pizzas."

DOM can also help customers determine where their orders are in the process.

"Some calls to the stores are from customers who have already ordered," said Maloney. "Based on the phone number, this system will automatically determine if this is a new call or a follow-up. If it's a follow-up call, DOM will act as a version of Domino's Tracker and provide customers with the information they're looking for."

Domino's Tracker was first launched by Domino's in 2008.

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