Domino's Unveils Tweet-a-Pizza

As the weekend approaches, many Americans may consider ordering a pizza for a quick dinner solution. Next week, consumers will just have to tweet that pizza to the table. Domino’s Pizza revealed this week its customers will be able to order pizza via Twitter by tweeting the pizza emoji to the food delivery retailer.

Leading up to the reveal of the news on Tuesday, Domino’s tweeted a series of mysterious pizza emojis on its Twitter feed.

Domino's will roll out the "tweet-to-order" system for U.S. customers on May 20. According to according to the report by USA Today, Domino's will be the first major player in the restaurant industry to use Twitter on an ongoing basis to place and complete an order. Rather than typing out an order, customers will be able to order by tweeting only the pizza emoji to @Dominos.

In order to do this, customers must set up a Pizza Profile in the company's online delivery service, where they can save an Easy Order, reports CNN.

"Customers who add their Twitter handle to their Domino's Pizza Profile will be able to re-order their Easy Order by simply tweeting #EasyOrder or the pizza emoji to @Dominos," explained Domino's spokesman Tim McIntyre, in an email. "Domino's will then send their Easy Order through an automated direct message, which customers must confirm."

More Than Mobile Ordering

This isn’t the pizza retailer’s first foray into quick ordering with its Pizza Profile and Easy Order. In March, Domino's announced customers can place and track their order via Pebble and Android Wear smartwatches.  Smartwatch users must have Domino's app for their smartwatch, along with a Pizza Profile with a saved Easy Order or recent order. Customers can also order on a smart TV through its partnership with Samsung.
"We are constantly looking for ways to use technology to enhance our customers' experience and provide them with more convenience,” said Kevin Vasconi, Domino's Pizza chief information officer. “We pride ourselves on having a variety of online ordering options for customers to choose from.”
About 50% of the company’s sales in the U.S. now come via digital ordering channels, according to Seeking Alpha’s Q1 2015 earnings call transcript.

“Our approach continues to shape this new tact to table category and our innovation won’t slow down any time soon,” said Patrick Doyle, CEO.

“So in addition to being more than just pizza on the technology front we are proud to say we are clearly now more than just mobile, whether it’d be smartwatches, smart TVs or voice enabled platforms such as [Ford Sync] and Dom our virtual ordering assistant we’re fulfilling our goal of enabling customers to order from Domino’s anytime anyplace,” continued Doyle.