Dor Monitors Foot Traffic for Less Than the Competition

Dor, a modern foot traffic counting and analytics solution vendor, landed a $3.8 million seed investment led by Zetta Venture Partners and Vertex Ventures. The San Francisco startup founded by ex-Apple engineers offers the first easy-to-deploy, affordable and secure foot traffic sensor and analytics platform for retail organizations of all sizes.

Dor's turnkey solution uses proprietary thermal sensing technology combined with machine learning algorithms to provide reliable insights about customer traffic, enabling retailers to optimize staffing, improve marketing and increase conversion — turning more visitors into customers. Dor even incorporates real-time weather data to help retailers better understand what affects traffic to their stores.

Dor's solution is completely secure and easy to install, in contrast to expensive and unreliable camera, break-beam and Wi-Fi systems. Dor includes a beautifully designed, battery-powered sensor that is easy to stick on any door and blends in with modern decor. The sensor doesn't require Wi-Fi access, instead operating on its own, closed cellular network.

The sensor also requires no professional installation and sends real-time, actionable analytics directly to a cloud-based dashboard that can be accessed anywhere, on any device. Dor integrates with POS systems like Square and Lightspeed to automatically calculate and track conversion rates in order to provide insights into revenue's correlation with store traffic.

"Dor matches the accuracy of competitive products at 1/15th the cost," said Ash Fontana, managing director at Zetta Venture Partners. "Monitoring traffic at such low cost — with no installation or maintenance — allows retailers to understand their customers at a level never imagined. This ease of use also opens up new markets, allowing customers to use Dor to optimize commercial building maintenance, measure space utilization and [to improve] security."

Dor is growing rapidly. The company has implementations with national chains operating thousands of retail locations, including one of the nation's largest wireless service providers, where Dor's instant deployment times and immediate ROI were a clear advantage over competitive solutions. Dor has also made an immediate impact for Habitat for Humanity ReStore and successful, local retailers such as San Francisco boutique Seldom Seen.

"As a non-profit, we need to ensure our limited resources are being spent wisely," said Ruben Bravo, marketing coordinator, Habitat for Humanity ReStore. "Dor helped us justify expanding our store hours, which immediately led to an increase in revenue without draining our resources."

"I only have really great things to say about it," said Natasha Wong, co-owner, Seldom Seen. "Dor has helped us make better business decisions, and we've been able to quantify our wins and celebrate them. We'll be at a year [of using Dor] in July, and we can't wait to compare last year's numbers and this year's, to see that growth and celebrate that with tangible, quantifiable data."

Although traditional retailers are competing in an era characterized by fierce online competition, in-store retail sales are rising year over year. There is a strong and present need for new solutions, with existing staffing models inaccurately predicting hourly need 86 percent of the time, 46 percent of total marketing spend not able to be qualified and weather causing fluctuations in 88 percent of sales. 
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