Dressformer Simplifies 3D Online Fitting

Dressformer, creators of a groundbreaking 3D online fitting technology, announced their partnership with Samuel Vartan Collections today.  The tech startup was founded in Russia in 2012, and expanded to the U.S. market earlier this year, earning a spot as a finalist in the MassChallenge startup accelerator program.

This latest partnership adds to Dressformer's already impressive client list.  The startup has partnered with Russia's top five retailers, including TsUM.  Dressformer has also partnered with Ecco, the international shoe retailer based in Denmark. 

The technology behind Dressformer's 3D fitting technique is engineered to be simple enough for retailers to use with ease, but sophisticated enough to produce a realistic impression for the customer.  Retailers only need a digital camera, an Indresser (a graphically-labeled special surface supplied by Dressformer), and access to the Dressformer web plug-in.  Retailers take two photos of a garment on the Indresser, then upload the photos to Dressformer's system. 

The system takes into account the dimensions of the garment and the physics of the garment's fabric. When a customer wants to "try on" the garment while shopping online, they are prompted to enter their measurements (or have their measurements taken automatically via webcam) in order to create a 3D avatar of themselves with the correct physical dimensions.

The avatar then models the clothing or shoes, realistically reflecting the size, color, and style of the selection.  Professional feedback is available online for the customer, and they also have the option of posting images of their avatar model in an application on Facebook or VKontakte to solicit feedback from their friends.   
In addition to offering customers greater certainty about their purchases, Dressformer's technology is a valuable asset for retailers.  By helping customers get their orders right the first time, Dressformer saves the retailer the extra shipping, time and labor costs incurred by orders that are returned or exchanged. 

The use of Dressformer's Facebook/VKontakte application provides retailers with additional, free publicity and an increased consumer base. For new designers, Dressformer provides a budget-friendly alternative to expensive showrooms. 

Dressformer is currently planning an in-store partnership with the life-sized tablet BIG PAD, which would allow customers to virtually try on clothing in stores, eliminating the time and hassle of fitting rooms. An app for Apple and Android phones is also reportedly in the works.
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