DXL Focuses on the "Science of Fit" to Serve Big and Tall Customers


Destination XL Group, Inc., a top retailer of men's XL apparel, knows that no two men are built alike. In focusing specifically on this demographic, DXL Men’s Apparel also understands the need to set its standards higher than other retailers. The company must be able to fit a variety of shapes and sizes – but they don’t just need to fit them, they need to fit them right.

“We serve a variety of men with a variety of builds,” said Angela Chan, who is senior vice president, chief sourcing officer, and heads up global business development at Destination XL Group, Inc. “There’s no secret sauce – it comes down to understanding our customers and recognizing that a cookie-cutter approach to fitting them is not going to work.”

Whether a guy is 5’5” with a stockier frame or 6’6” with an athletic build, the challenge is to fit them both properly, so they look and feel great. This is where the higher standards come into play.

DXL Men’s Apparel employs a team of technical designers and quality assurance experts who dedicate themselves every day to providing XL guys with the perfect fit. Through a series of rigorous testing well beyond industry standards, the team goes back and forth to the drawing board until they’ve created the most comfortable and perfect fit imaginable.

From “test fitting” that incorporates real men wearing, washing and putting the clothing through their daily lives, to “lab testing” that focuses on everything from technical properties such as yarn and seam strength, sustainability of dyes, fabric resilience, and shape retention, the process is stringent and continuously evolving.

Everything DXL produces is tested — from underwear to high-end designer suits, and anything in between. The feedback DXL has received from its fit models has been extremely positive. They have found that the products fit them better than other retailers’ clothes, without excess material, and in higher quality fabrics that help the clothes look more stylish and fit more comfortably.

“There’s a science to it,” says Chan. “Most retailers grade at a regular size extension, whereas we specialize in fitting the bigger and taller frame. We don’t simply do fit — we do fit right.”

DXL Men’s Apparel recognizes the opportunity to serve this previously under-served market. Whether these guys are receiving personalized service in one of DXL’s nationwide stores or shopping the latest looks online at DestinationXL.com, they’ll be given the ultimate in quality, service and a perfect fit every time.

DXL Men’s Apparel caters to the clothing needs and lifestyles of XL men, and carries sizes XL-8XL, XLT-8XLT, waist sizes 38-66, and shoes in sizes 12-16M and 10-16W.

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