FAM BRANDS Acquires Luxury Lifestyle Apparel Brand

"In today's business climate, we, as a dynamic company, cannot let the grass
grow under our feet,” said FAM BRANDS owner and CEO, Frank Zarabi, as he announced his company's January 19 acquisition of TEHÁMA Inc. “FAM BRANDS has thrived and prospered by focusing on and developing
unparalleled expertise in the active wear and lifestyle apparel that today's consumers really want and value — and we are now expanding within the niche by both growth and acquisition wherever and whenever it makes sense. TEHÁMA, which is one of the fastest-growing luxury and lifestyle brands in the country, is a perfect fit for us and has become one of our power brands."

Indeed, since its foundation in 1997 TEHÁMA has developed a stellar reputation as a leading purveyor of ultra-good-looking men's and women's tops and bottoms in both woven and knit materials that are ideal for casual and weekend wear. The original collection was established by designer Nancy Haley and Hollywood icon, Clint Eastwood. Over the years, TEHÁMA has built on its golfing roots to combine superb design and construction with high quality, cutting edge fabrics in sophisticated colorways for a stylish yet highly livable, comfortable and adaptable look that naturally appeals to a wide demographic of men and women.

As Jim Shoemaker, who joined the company in January as general manager of TEHÁMA, points out, all of this made it a natural acquisition for FAM Brands. "We will be re-launching TEHÁMA as a FAM brand for Spring 2013," says Shoemaker, "and will continue to position it as a premier lifestyle collection that will primarily be available in department and specialty stores. FAM BRANDS, with its experience and expertise in this niche, instinctively understands TEHÁMA’s place in the market: We confidently anticipate that it will go from strength to strength in the seasons and years to come."

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