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"Every morning when you wake up you should tell yourself only one thing, 'today is the easiest day to attract talent,' because tomorrow it’s going to become more difficult."
Seemantini Godbole, EVP, CIO, Lowe's



New Realities 


  • Walmart is buying up a company to enable it to continue to offer virtual optical try-on capabilities and contact-free digital measurements. Read more.
  • Lowe’s Open Builder, a new asset hub, will let builders download more than 500 3D product assets that mimic items from real-world shelves. Read more.
  • Walmart is bringing its products to life with two new augmented reality features for its mobile app. Read more.



For Your Radar 


The Race to Analytics Success
hursday, July 14, 2022
11:00 AM EST

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A look at the top areas of analytics focus for retail and consumer goods companies shows one thing is clear: The future is squarely on their minds. But while they're focused on building the capabilities necessary to succeed tomorrow, they're facing some common internal challenges today that are preventing them from fully executing their analytics initiatives.

Join CGT, RIS, and Treasure Data as we take a deep dive into our annual “Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Study" to provide a deeper context into the story behind the numbers.

Lend Us An Ear

In the latest episode of Tech Transformation, we’re talking with Nadia Boujarwah, co-founder and CEO of Dia & Co, an inclusive apparel retailer that considers itself just as much of a tech company as it does a retailer. We dig into AI, Gen Z, and virtual try-on tech, and we get details on Dia’s TikTok strategy. 

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