Golfsmith's 7 Steps to Winning Loyalty without a Points Program

Not all retailers are created equal, and so, loyalty points programs aren't for everyone. Kim Lewis, CRM director for Golfsmith International explained why retailers don't need a points program to build loyalty at RIS News' Engage! 2014 last week in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Lewis shared the truths and myths around loyalty marketing, as well as how retailers can build loyal relationships with their customers.
Lewis and her team are responsible for consumer research and insights, marketing analytics, and CRM strategies to drive incremental transactions and customer profitability while building long-term customer relationships.
The cost of acquiring new customers is growing higher each year. So where do retailers find cost-effective growth? The answer is by nurturing loyalty. Seven areas to focus on are:
  1. Customer Service
  2. Read, Report, Refine
  3. Maximize Email Marketing
  4. Implement Opt-Down Features
  5. Social Media Strategy
  6. Direct Mail
  7. Technology Partners
Through these various steps, retailers will drive the customer experience, which in turn will increase loyalty. Most importantly however, a retailer can't lose sight of the original goal. "It's easy to get consumed in details, systems and whatnot," says Lewis. "But stop and think: is this really cool new idea actually good for my customer? It may be cool, but if it's not for your customer, it doesn't serve a purpose for you."

Note: This article has been updated from its original version.