How Christmas Office Parties Inspire This Very Bad Behavior


New research from British package delivery firm Pass My Parcel reveals the lengths U.K. shoppers go to, to look their very best. The trend of "Boomerang Buying" - buying and returning several outfits - reflects an increasing move to online shopping as consumers return more than half of the clothes they buy online.

Ugly Christmas...suit?

One in five (20 percent) sneaky shoppers admit to wearing clothes with the label in, only to return them the next day. Of this group, 18 - 25 year olds are the biggest culprits whereas those in East Anglia are the most honest with 88 percent of respondents claiming to have never cheated the system.

Other key results investigating the UK's shopping behavior found:

  • The most popular "wear once and return" occasions include: weddings (35 percent), Christmas parties (15 percent) and job interviews (11 percent)
  • Of those who admit wearing an item of clothing once before retuning it, two fifths (40 percent) confess to having done it more than five times in the last year
  • 38 percent of people think that it is okay or mostly okay to buy clothes and then return them the next day with men being slightly more lenient

Some outfits don't even make it to the ball - with people buying an average of four items of clothes online which only gathers dust in their wardrobes, being passed on to a friend or charity a year later.

The festive season is the ultimate opportunity for Boomerang Buyers to exhibit their scandalous behavior when an estimated £740 million will be spent on new office Christmas party attire. The survey by Pass My Parcel found:

  • On average, consumers spend £65.58 and 1.5 hours shopping for the perfect outfit
  • One third (36 percent) will buy a new outfit for their office Christmas party and of those, close to two fifths (38 percent) will buy three or more outfits
  • Two thirds (67 percent) admit to returning worn clothes after Christmas parties
  • Almost one in five (18 percent) admit to investing in a new outfit to impress an office crush, whilst almost an equal amount (18 percent) hope a fresh look might help them get a promotion

ASOS customers can return their unwanted items for free using Pass My Parcel's new label-free returns in three simple steps. Shoppers must enter details via the website to generate a QR code, go to the nearest Parcel Shop with the package, share the code with the shop keeper and let them do the rest.

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