How The Home Depot Is Using Tech to Attract Workers


The Home Depot's new twist in workforce management technology gives prospective employees a techie way to engage with the retailer, even before they become part of the workforce. It has launched a new tool that allows job applicants to self-schedule in-person interviews.

Using the tool, which is available 24/7 on any device, candidates who have completed an application for an open job in a Home Depot store or distribution center can easily choose the most convenient interview appointment available. About 80% of The Home Depot's candidates have taken advantage of the tool since the pilot began this past November. Now it has been launched to the masses as the company works to fill more than 80,000 positions for its busy spring selling season.

"Just as we're continuously evolving to meet the changing expectations of our customers, we're harnessing new technologies to do the same for job seekers," said Tim Hourigan, EVP – Human Resources. "This consumer-like experience helps us hire the best talent to serve our customers."

Candidate Self-Service is the latest in a series of enhancements The Home Depot has made to its application process. Last spring, the company saw a 50% increase in candidates after rolling out its 15-minute application, Mobile Apply and Text-to-Apply capabilities.

The Home Depot is also enhancing its onboarding experience this spring with the introduction of PocketGuide for associate training, a mobile application that leverages gamification to help associates learn while they're in the aisles. PocketGuide delivers product knowledge and learning activities to the palm of an associate's hand, significantly reducing backroom training. The application is rolling out to all garden associates for this spring season and will expand to more store departments throughout 2018.

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