How Pet Supplies Plus’ New WMS is Helping it Redirect Focus Toward its Customers

Lisa Johnston
Senior Editor
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Pet Supplies Plus has tapped Manhattan Associates’ new warehouse management system (WMS) in order to improve its customer service and experience capabilities.

Miles Tedder, Pet Supplies Plus chief operating officer, said today’s quickly changing market required the company to select a new WMS that could be easily updated. “We also needed a solution that could help us better respond to unexpected peaks in demand, like we've been experiencing recently.”

The Manhattan Active Warehouse Management is a cloud-native WMS that follows a mobile-first paradigm so managers can visualize, diagnose and take action at any point in the supply chain. For DC associates, the new WM Mobile application provides an app-based experience for all transactional work.

“Manhattan Active Warehouse Management gives us a distribution solution that adapts as quickly as our customers’ needs, with frequent and easy access to the latest technologies and new features,” noted Tedder. “This solution takes care of all of the system and software maintenance, allowing us to focus all our energies on serving our customers.”

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Composed of microservices, the Manhattan Active Warehouse Management is designed to be easily extended at the data, services and UI level to meet the needs of each business. It employs machine learning to orchestrate DC automation and the human workforce to optimize the execution of work within the four walls of the DC.

The solution’s embedded warehouse execution system (WES) also coordinates the work between any combination of automation, robotics and labor, and the Manhattan Automation Network provides pre-certified integration to DC robotics providers.

The solution was developed based upon gamification theory and behavioral sciences in order to help improve employee productivity and satisfaction and reduce turnover. To speed time to market and reduce training, Manhattan has also incorporated new configuration wizards to help businesses streamline the implementation process.