How Retail’s Elite Succeed with Click and Collect


New Approach to Fulfillment

For more on how click and collect is changing the retail game be sure to check out this exclusive Q&A with one of retail's true thought leaders. 

It is not every day that meeting consumer demand also brings oversized rewards for a retailer. But check out these numbers: order sizes 2.5 times the average and 1 in 5 customers buying an additional item. Those are real results retailers are reporting from implementing click and collect, and any retailer can produce the same results if they do it right.  

But those kinds of numbers also come only by getting click and collect, also called buy on­line pickup in store (BOPIS/BOPUS), right. And it’s not always clear how to pull that off. Some retailers have actually been forced to implement fees for click and collect, or ruin the concept by making impatient click-and-collect customers stand on a long line at the back of the store. Luckily, retailers can learn from the experiences of their peers by adhering to emerging best practices for how to satisfy eager click-and-collect customers and turn the service into a money maker. 

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