The How & Why of Personalization Updates from AB InBev & Linden Lab

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The How & Why of Personalization Updates from AB InBev & Linden Lab


Anheuser-Busch InBev and Linden Lab are making moves to improve their customer acquisition strategies in the face of more complex buying journeys.

For AB InBev and its umbrella of multiple brands, this has meant tapping into the benefits of personalization with Arm Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), which has been recently upgraded with new security and administration features for a more seamless adoption across an enterprise.

Lucas Borges, senior manager, consumer data strategy at AB InBev, said the company takes a global approach to its direct-to-consumer marketing, and thus it’s important it doesn’t duplicate marketing efforts across several brands.

“The Arm Treasure Data CDP has enabled us to securely unify our customer data and build complete profiles,” noted Borges. “The new security and administration features will ensure the right people have access while maintaining customer privacy and security.”

Linden Lab, creator of the Second Life virtual world, leverages the CDP to consolidate its data and understand its player preferences. This has supported its efforts to better connect and personalize its customer engagement and improve marketing ROI by 300%.

The company also aims to make purchasing journeys more actionable across the hundreds of touchpoints for thousands of players.  

“With Arm Treasure Data we’ve maintained a strategic advantage in how we segment, connect and personalize the experience for our users,” said Darren Helton, Linden Lab senior digital marketing manager. “The new Customer Journey Orchestration features will enable us to better acquire and engage with new players and help focus our marketing efforts.”

Arm’s CDP has also built in 20 new connectors, enabling users to more easily activate marketing campaigns across more channels and reach new audiences.

This story was originally published on CGT.

After decades of operating solely via direct mail, the company has spent the last five years shifting efforts toward e-commerce. In February it became one of the first to test a new personalization platform to increase its subscriber base.