Innovative E-Commerce

The online shopper is spending more on the Web, and is relying on the Web to buy big-ticket items such as electronics and cars, and even luxury goods such as designer apparel and jewelry. To drive these purchases, e-commerce sites must be flexible, user-friendly and provide a unique experience that attracts customers and creates customer loyalty.

E-commerce sites that offer product reviews and comparisons, blogs, and social networking are highly effective in driving the online sale. Enhanced search, personalization, and interactivity are other features that help online retailers drive customer purchasing decisions.

Web retailers also must pay close attention to conversion rates, shopping cart size, brand equity, repeat visits, and profitability of their e-commerce channel.

E-commerce sales are up in the United States, according to eMarketer, which estimates that e-commerce sales will reach $146 billion in 2008, a 14.3 percent increase from 2007. 

Anywhere Commerce
Escalate Retail's Blue Martini e-commerce provides merchandising, search, embedded analytics, personalized content and scalability for retailers.  The suite is built upon a Java platform and is designed to streamline and personalize e-commerce transactions, dissolve channel silos, and leverage common business logic across all channels.

Personalized E-Commerce
ATG Commerce Suite helps retailers drive various phases of a personalized online shopping experience. The unique personalization capabilities help retailers manage and choreograph customer interactions using scenario personalization tools. These tools help drive pre-designed dialogues that can optimize and differentiate customer experiences.

Interactive Selling
The iCongo Retail E-Commerce Platform online storefront provides tools that help retailers effectively market and merchandise. These tools assist retailers with personalization, advanced online merchandising, interactive selling and cross-channel functionalities, which help drive higher conversions and larger orders.

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