Instacart Data Science VP Talks On-Demand Grocery

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

The 2017 Retail And Consumer Goods Analytics Summit (RCAS) took place April 26-28 at The Drake in Chicago, IL, where industry and technology expert speakers helped executive attendees from across retail and consumer goods get the information they need to make an impact on their business today.

Here, RCAS speaker Jeremy Stanley, VP Data Science, Instacart, talks about on demand groceries, creating tailored experiences for shoppers, and retaining data talent.

Jeremy works closely with data scientists who are integrated into product teams to drive growth and profitability through logistics, catalog, search, consumer, shopper, and partner applications. Previously, Jeremy was chief data scientist and EVP of engineering at Sailthru, which builds data-driven solutions for marketers to drive long-term customer engagement and optimize revenue opportunities. As chief data scientist, he was responsible for the intelligence in the marketing personalization platform, which included prediction, recommendation, and optimization algorithms. As EVP of engineering, Jeremy led development, operations, database, and engineering support teams and partnered with the CTO to drive innovation and stability while scaling.

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