Investing in the Analytic Future



Retailers and consumer goods companies need to be able to react seamlessly in real-time to unforeseen challenges. The worldwide COVID-19 crisis exposed holes in their ability to effectively predict and meet unprecedented demand. But the industry has responded quickly, shoring up supply chains and altering operations on the fly to ensure product is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, while incorporating radical shifts in terms of customer exception as well.

As the industry has entered recovery mode, smart retailers and CGs are investing in their analytic firepower with increased vigor to ensure a seamless transition from the past to the customer centric, data-fueled future. This webinar will explore the results of the recently released RIS and CGT’s annual “Retail and Consumer Good Analytics Study,” which benchmarked the industry’s analytic maturity and highlighted the game-changing technology that leaders are investing in today to guarantee they are prepared for tomorrow. Thought leaders from RIS, CGT and Amperity will discuss the study findings and what they mean in the greater context of the on-going health crisis, and where companies should be investing to ensure their analytic firepower continues to set them apart.




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