Jos. A. Bank Expands 37.5 Technology Into Travel-Centric Collection


Jos. A. Bank, a subsidiary of Tailored Brands, Inc., has introduced a clothing collection for the modern traveler under the TravelTech label featuring breakthrough 37.5® technology. TravelTech is a tailored clothing and sportswear line that incorporates this new layer of high performance technology that is most commonly found in sports performance gear. Designed with versatility and endurance in mind, this 37.5 technology has now been applied to tailored clothing for the modern professional in the everyday suit.

The hard-working TravelTech collection uses the 37.5 fabric technology developed by Dr. Gregory Haggquist, founder and CTO at Cocona, Inc., including the patented processes that keep particles active throughout the manufacturing process to improve the performance of yarn, fabrics and film. The yarn used in TravelTech garments works from the lining to the mesh to the exterior fabric, which helps maintain the optimum microclimate for your body.  These sportswear and tailored clothing items are now a more comfortable option for the daily rigors of the modern-day traveler.

Additional features of 37.5 technology in TravelTech garments:

  • Thermostat for Your Clothes. Adjusts to what your body needs when you need it, warming you when you are cold and cooling you when you are hot.
  • Moisture and Odor Control. Removes moisture vapor before liquid sweat forms and traps odors and releases them in laundering.
  • Never Washes Away. The 37.5 technology is embedded into the fabric.

"It is exciting to see our 37.5 technology incorporated into tailored men's clothing," says Dr. Haggquist. "With this collaboration with Jos. A. Bank, they have created a more comfortable technologically advanced suit for the everyday professional. So now you can look great and feel comfortable all day long with the TravelTech collection."

The collection of slim fit to traditional fit garments from suits to dress shirts and sportswear has been made more comfortable. Stretch material is built into the waistband of the suit pants to provide unrestricted range of motion. Zippered utility pockets are strategically placed inside jackets and pant.  Suit separate jackets and sport coats start at $498, pants start at $200, dress shirts start at $89.50, and sportswear starts at $99.50.

A complete performance comfort system can be created by layering the different TravelTech pieces. This new collection will be available exclusively at Jos. A. Bank stores across the United States as well as online at

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