Kibo Expands Headless E-Commerce Offering

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
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kibo team
The Kibo team at NRF. Photo credit: Kibo.

Kibo announced the release of three new Storefront Accelerators for developers who use Vue Storefront, React Storefront or Next.js Commerce. These tools from Kibo enable retailers to create storefronts or build out custom features on existing platforms efficiently and effectively, with any vendor partner.

For retailers, this latest offering simplifies the creation of the omnichannel experience today’s shoppers require. With Kibo Headless e-commerce and the new accelerators, retailers can quickly scale up their e-commerce storefronts and offer custom features, regardless of which platform vendor or ecosystem partnerships they have previously established.

“Extensibility and rapid deployment are two of the key pillars of Kibo Headless e-commerce,” said Ram Venkataraman, CTO and chief product officer, Kibo. “The Kibo team is dedicated to reducing barriers to headless deployment by building tools that make it easier to launch and build upon websites and storefronts.” 

Kibo has been delivering against a strong roadmap of Storefront Accelerators based on industry standard JavaScript frameworks like VueJS (NuxtJS) and ReactJs (NextJS). These include, among others, pre-packaged storefronts like Vue Storefront, React Storefront and Next.Js Commerce. Kibo has also released accelerators for specific business use cases, such as B2C omnichannel and B2B e-commerce.

Kibo Headless eCommerce is built upon the Kibo Unified Commerce Platform. The API-first, microservices-based platform provides an underlying set of shared data and services across Kibo products, enabling Kibo Headless eCommerce to be modular while still unified.

Kibo was in attendance last week at NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show, where the company was the winner of a Vendor in Partnership award as “The Retailer’s Favorite.”