Lilly Pulitzer's Mobile Traffic Spikes 80% After Mobile Website Launch


Apparel retailer Lilly Pulitzer saw mobile traffic spike 80% compared to last year the first week after launching a Progressive Web App (PWA), a new type of mobile website. The new site is part of a trend toward captivating mobile shoppers without requiring an app download. PWAs use the web to deliver app-level experiences, but eliminate the need for consumers to find and install apps.

Known for its adoption of digitally-driven retail technologies, Lilly Pulitzer has partnered with Mobify to launch its PWA in advance of a replatform to an e-commerce platform provider in order to quickly and more effectively reach consumers on the web via its highest traffic channel – mobile. The Lilly Pulitzer PWA was delivered with Mobify implementation partner Evans Hunt. In just the first week since launch, mobile traffic is up 80% and mobile revenue is up 33% compared to last year.

"Mobile is much more than a channel for us, it's a lifestyle for many of our customers, and we must serve their mobile-first expectations by offering the best possible experience," says Kim Williams-Czopek, vice president of Digital Commerce at Lilly Pulitzer.  “We saw the opportunity for a superior customer experience and a fast return on investment with a PWA, and we didn’t want to delay either by waiting until our e-commerce replatform was done to address mobile.”

A PWA allows retailers to decouple mobile from desktop to quickly drive revenue-generating mobile experiences without waiting until larger replatforming projects are complete. Using Open Commerce APIs to connect the systems, retailers can achieve mobile agility without risking core business logic.

"As an engagement tool, a Progressive Web App fit perfectly with our mission to create experiences that center on our customers' unique needs, desires and expectations," Williams-Czopek says. "Mobify has done a great job helping us deliver on that promise."

Mobile web speed is an essential component of engagement and conversions. Progressive Web App technology improves page speed two to four times by removing unnecessary page components that are only required on desktop screens. Mobify research shows that for every 100-millisecond decrease in homepage load speed, customers see a 1.11% lift in session-based conversion. A 2017 eConsultancy and Adobe survey of 7,000 marketing professionals additionally confirms top brands and agencies believe that “optimizing the customer experience” is the most exciting opportunity in marketing today.

See the new Lilly Pulitzer Progressive Web App at

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