Lord & Taylor Kicks Off Customer Service Improvements

Lord and Taylor selects two new systems to enhance its customer service. The upscale department store implements a customer analytics system from Harte-Hanks and deploys mobile printers from Paxar.

In order to know its customer base better, and therefore serve customers better, Lord & Taylor selects customer analytics software from Harte-Hanks. The Allink Enhanced database integrates customer data across channels and provides a consolidated view of customers in a single market database. The system will enable Lord & Taylor to create personalized, targeted communications.

"Lord & Taylor recognizes the need to infuse its marketing programs with new energy and a stronger focus on engaging more personally with customers," says Jane Elfers, president and CEO. The retailer will measure ROI based on circulation, revenue and response rate.

Once Lord & Taylor knows its customers better and initiates targeted promotions, it must ensure that merchandise is on the floor in a timely manner. To speed up the process of getting merchandise out of its distribution centers (DCs) and into the stores, the retailer is deploying Monarch Pathfinder Ultra Platinum printers from Paxar. The mobile printers allow warehouse employees to print replacement bar codes on the spot, rather than having to walk to stationary printers and back.

The Paxar printers "single handedly improve productivity," says Brian Noler, technology support supervisor. "They are very user-friendly, easy to operate, remarkably fast and they rarely break down."

Lord & Taylor operates 48 stores in nine states and the District of Columbia.

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