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  • COVER STORY: Solving the In-Store Personalization Challenge
  • SPECIAL REPORT: The AI-Driven Supply Chain: Seamlessly Meeting Complex Demand
  • TARGETED RESEARCH: The Future of AI-Driven Merchandising
  • ENTERPRISE STRATEGIES: Albertsons’ Talks About Its New Checkout Experience
  • FEATURE STORY: Barnes & Noble Sold for $683 Million
  • FEATURE STORY: Costco Seeks to Solve Checkout Woes
  • FEATURE STORY: Best Retail CEOs 2019

VIEW May 2019

  • COVER STORY: Retail Robotics: Productivity, Efficiency and Compliance
  • BENCHMARK RESEARCH: 2019 Grocery Tech Trends Study: Race for Competitive Advantage
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Developing the Smart Retail Workforce
  • TARGETED RESEARCH: Streamlining the Store to Simplify Shopping
  • ROADMAP: Shopper Tracking: Reinventing and Reimagining the Store Experience
  • ENTERPRISE STRATEGIES: The Truth Behind True Value’s $150 Million Supply Chain Investment
  • INSIDER'S INSIGHT: Are In-Store VR and AI Experiences Paying off for Retailers?
  • FEATURE STORY: Nordstrom Expands Its Inventory-Free Retail Strategy
  • FEATURE STORY: Tapestry Taps Gap Digital SVP, Launches Data Labs
  • FEATURE STORY: Retail’s Top 10 Grocers


  • COVER STORY: Influentials: Top Movers and Shakers in Retail 2019
  • SPECIAL REPORT: 8 Evolving Shopper Trends You Need to Know Now
  • TARGETED RESEARCH: Sharpening Omnichannel Inventory Management to a Razor’s Edge
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Inventory Accuracy: Targeting Satisfied Consumers
  • ROADMAP: Advanced Personalization: Unlocking the Secret to Shopping Experiences That Create Value
  • ROADMAP: Leveraging Geographic Analytics to Gain a Holistic View of Local Demand
  • INSIDER'S INSIGHT: Supply Chain with Blockchain: How It Will Change the 3PL Industry
  • ENTERPRISE STRATEGIES: Guitar Center's New In-Store Tech Bolsters Experience
  • FEATURE STORY: Katie Finnegan Leaving Walmart
  • FEATURE STORY: Pier 1 Explains What Went Wrong and Considers Closing Stores
  • FEATURE STORY: America’s 5 Most Loved Retailers