Marshall Retail Group Annouunced Aptos Solutions is to Streamline Its Retail Operations.

Aptos, Inc., a recognized market leader in retail technology solutions, today announced Marshall Retail Group has selected Aptos solutions to streamline its retail operations and support improved decision making. A privately held company based in Las Vegas with more than 1,000 employees nationwide, Marshall Retail Group (MRG) owns and operates stores in more than 160 locations under 18 brands, primarily in major casino hotels and in airports across the United States and Canada.
The company’s portfolio includes logo souvenir and sundry shops; apparel, shoes and accessories boutiques.To support its business objectives, MRG will leverage a broad solution set, demonstrating the comprehensiveness of the Aptos solution suite – including Merchandising, Audit and Operations Management, Analytics, and Warehouse Management.
“At Marshall Retail Group we’re fortunate to have prime retail locations with exceptional foot traffic; our goal is to capitalize on this to turn window shoppers into buyers, and buyers into loyal, repeat customers,” said Matt Vonderahe, chief financial officer, Marshall Retail Group. “Our investment in Aptos Analytics will give us an understanding of key customer and sales trends, while Merchandising and Warehouse Management will help ensure the right product is in the right store location to maximize revenues and profitability by catering to visitor demographics.”
“MRG is highly respected for its in depth understanding of the retail market and the purchasing habits of travelers,” said Noel Goggin, CEO and culture leader for Aptos. “By leveraging its nearly 60 years of experience, MRG has earned a reputation for running one of the most efficient retail operations across the casino, resort and airport industries. Aptos is proud to provide powerful, integrated retail solutions and expertise to help MRG continue to grow its business through singular commerce and seamless experiences.”

With over 122,000 stores live on its singular commerce platform available in the cloud, more than 500 retail brands across the globe rely on cloud ready Aptos solutions to generate over $523 billion in annual revenues.
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