ModCloth Streamlines Its Supply Chain

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
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ModCloth has raised fashion industry standards through size inclusion, anti-photoshopping policies, and female leadership. Founded in 2002, as ModCloth continues to grow due to its freestanding and new independent ownership, it realized the importance of streamlining the supply chain.

The recently independent company required a flexible, powerful software that can be implemented quickly, in order to replace their current outdated program. When assessing ModCloth’s pain points, Discover e-Solutions Ltd. (DeSL) found the overall need for supply chain end-to-end visibility, along with 3D capabilities. Now ModCloth is taking its next steps towards supply chain transparency with DeSL’s PLM software. Despite the obstacles presented by COVID-19, DeSL and the ModCloth team has worked hard to handle all business processes remotely.  

"We chose DeSL due to 1) end-to-end visibility, integrating all functions for robust decisions, 2) flexibility in terms of current and future processes (such as 3D), 3) simplicity of configuration in order to implement and pivot quickly,” said Chris Schreiber, COO, ModCloth. “The product development process can be cumbersome, but the tools to support it don’t have to be; and in this case, the DeSL PLM tool will definitely reduce complexity."