New Research Reveals Retail Leaders' Winning Omnichannel Strategies

Boosting efforts to personalize interactions across channels and prioritizing cross-channel information consistency — these are two key strategies that most leading retailers are embracing to enrich their omnichannel customer engagement initiatives, according to a new survey from retail technology provider Aptos Inc.

Findings from Aptos' "Omnichannel Engagement Strategies of Retail Leaders" survey were revealed during Shoptalk, a retail and e-commerce event that kicked off March 19 at the Aria Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Resort, and runs through March 22. Aptos is a sponsor of the event, which is expected to draw more than 5,000 attendees.

The survey of 100 retail marketing and e-commerce executives attempts to benchmark marketing and order management strategies to identify best practices that the leaders have in common.

Consistent with growth in smartphone and social media usage, leading retailers are leveraging mobile (83 percent) and social (89 percent) channels to engage with customers. Some 70 percent of leaders serve up personalized content and offers based on purchase history, and 58 percent personalize content and offers based on browsing behaviors.

To address consumer demands and expectations for order fulfillment in a buy-anywhere, fulfill-anywhere world, retailers leading in customer engagement have flexible order management and supply chain capabilities that revolve around serving the customer:
  • Sixty-seven percent have established a near-real-time view of inventory across the enterprise.
  • Over half (53 percent) have the ability to drop-ship orders from vendors directly to consumers.
  • Forty-two percent have implemented product-based rules for order brokering and fulfillment, while 29 percent have implemented customer history and status-based rules for order brokering and fulfillment (e.g., free two-day shipping for top-tier loyalty members).
Moreover, leaders continue to prioritize improving the consistency of cross-channel information (4.3 out of 5) and most are seeking even deeper personalization of interactions across channels (4.2 out of 5) — efforts that will continue to foster improved customer engagement.

"In the retail environment today, all-encompassing omni-channel customer engagement strategies are absolutely critical," said Dave Bruno, marketing director, Aptos. "Our goal in conducting this research was to understand what separates leaders from laggards and identify best practices in this area. The survey findings make it abundantly clear: Leaders are committed to leveraging technology to drive engagement strategies and to power personalized content along with the agility to support seamless omni-channel experiences."

Aptos will be demonstrating its Singular Commerce™ platform to support omni-channel customer engagement in Booth #1510 throughout Shoptalk. An integrated, end-to-end retail suite in the cloud, Aptos' Singular Commerce platform integrates the extended omni-channel enterprise to enable truly seamless customer experiences, no matter where, when or how customers shop.

Serving as the commerce hub of the Aptos Singular Commerce platform is Aptos Enterprise Order Management, a cloud-based solution that orchestrates complex omnichannel journeys by providing a single view of customers, inventory, orders and more.

Aptos Enterprise Order Management functions across all in-store and digital touch points, including complete integration with Aptos Store for point of sale, to unify the online/offline intersection of commerce and consistently fulfill customer expectations for order delivery/pickup flexibility, options and speed.
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