Office Depot Takes Its Supply Chain to the Cloud

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

Office Depot, Inc. is implementing a solution to enhance its operational systems capabilities and transportation management, which it hopes will improve service levels while reducing cost by providing visibility into their shipments and goods for their direct import supply chain. The retailer hopes to achieve this with Infor's GT Nexus Commerce Network solutions.

"Infor's global operations platform allows us to improve our supply chain automation so we can react faster, be more agile, and have greater control over our direct import operations," said Rick DiMaio, vice president of supply chain for Office Depot, Inc. "By enhancing our inventory management, it will ultimately lead to a better customer experience."

With the move, Office Depot will have access to Procure-to-Pay tools that automate the supply chain transaction process on a multi-tenant, multi-enterprise platform in the cloud, allowing them to negotiate and confirm orders with suppliers and trading partners, create electronic fulfillment documents, and track inventory and payments in real-time.

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