Proving the Power of Mobile

National Wholesale Liquidators (NWL), a privately held retailer that operates a chain of warehouse-style stores in the Eastern U.S., wanted to improve engagement with high-value customers while reducing the costs associated with the current promotions process.

The retailer’s goals were to easily connect and engage consumers in real-time, create brand awareness and promote new products, build a valuable loyalty-based program and reduce reliance on costly paper flyers. NWL also wanted a flexible solution that would be able to grow and complement its solutions, including POS, marketing, CRM, loyalty, social media and ERP.

Going, Going…Mobile
To achieve its customer, merchandising and sales goals, NWL selected Copia Mobile. With mobile as the key delivery mechanism, the retailer was guided through the process of building a mobile audience, developing consumers’ profiles, creating highly targeted coupons and promotions and directly communicating personalized offers to customers using a measurable and integrated approach.

“Copia Mobile delivered a solution that grew our sales, our average market basket size, and our belief in the power of mobile as an execution mechanism to achieve our merchandising and marketing goals,” said Drew Bickel, VP of merchandising for National Wholesale Liquidators. “We have created a better experience for our customers, sending them targeted offers based on their shopping patterns.”

While the retailer’s customer profile is not particularly high tech-oriented, shoppers have responded positively to digital marketing efforts.

The solution has driven significant and measurable results, including: a more than 40% in-store redemption rate of personalized offers; doubling market basket sizes as compared with similar periods; reducing Cost Per Action (CPA) compared to traditional promotion vehicles; increasing traffic volume during targeted, traditional low-traffic periods; completely measure and analyze targets, products, stores and offers; and achieving promotion response times that are substantially shorter than other methods used previously, such as print and e-mail.

NWL has also successfully increased opt-in registration, achieving customer participation growth with a total of 46,600 mobile subscribers added during the promotion’s lifespan.

National Wholesale Liquidators also tracks the average number of departments visited by a customer. This number has also seen an increase from two to five, and the retailer credits the Copia Mobile Engagement Management solutions. This is significant because many retailers and solutions utilize mobile in a limited manner as a distribution method for coupons. National Wholesale Liquidators has proven that consumer behaviors are changing and that retailers can reap multiple benefits when mobile is utilized to engage target shoppers, affecting their path to purchase.

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