Rent the Runway and Nordstrom Expand Partnership

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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Rent the Runway (RTR), a pioneer in the apparel rental segment, and leading fashion retailer Nordstrom, have announced a multi-pronged partnership across stores, inventory innovation and product development.

RTR is expanding its Drop-Off Box Network from five to 29 Nordstrom locations where RTR customers can seamlessly return their rentals. By returning rentals in-store versus shipping them back to RTR member returns can be processed instantaneously allowing members quicker access to their next rental in their queue. RTR members can return items in Nordstrom stores as well as access exclusive Nordstrom services like styling services, gift-wrapping and more.

“We’ve received great feedback from our customers about the convenience of the Rent the Runway Drop-Off Boxes in our Los Angeles area Nordstrom locations and are excited to offer the service to customers in cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and more,” said Jamie Nordstrom, president, Nordstrom stores. “The expansion of our partnership helps us better serve our customers through innovation around products and experiences.”

To further innovate around the future of inventory, Nordstrom will become an RTR Platform partner, contributing inventory to the RTR ecosystem to extend the lifecycle of Nordstrom products. Additionally, Nordstrom and Rent the Runway are studying opportunities to empower customers' shopping experience by creating exclusive product available for both purchase and rental.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Nordstrom, the company known and respected for their unparalleled commitment to deliver world-class service and experiences,” said Jenn Hyman, CEO and Cc-founder of Rent the Runway. “We have seen a massive consumer behavior shift unfold over the past several years, with our community now relying on Rent the Runway as a near daily utility. As our business has grown, we’ve seen unparalleled demand for physical experiences including the convenience of drop-off boxes."

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